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Keynote Speaker, Reading People Mastery Facilitator; Improvised comedy performer


Having been awarded the prestigious accolade of the decade by The Academy for Chief Executives, John has been delivering his talks all over the world for organisations and companies that range from Microsoft to the UN. He has had a huge impact over the past 10 years on a significant number of people and high-performance teams that are keen to enlighten themselves and others more effectively.

John Cremer has twenty years of experience with *Human Archetypes. He uses it daily in his training work ad has added his own observations to the process. John spent seven years with his teacher James Westly before being allowed to teach. John has lived in a residential esoteric school which validated the information by observing two thousand people living and working together. John’s work on reading people, improvisation and creativity are mind blowing – and fantastic fun.

His gentle yet challenging work has surprised thousands of people with the discovery of their hidden, dormant capacity to embrace life’s opportunities more fully and openly. With his patience and a willingness to share his own journey through fear to authentic self-expression, John’s call to courageous playfulness is irresistible.

The Reading People Mastery Series will improve the interaction and impact of the different character types and provide an amazing insight into the different styles of communication that exist in human beings.

John Cremer is an expert in improvisation skills training. Improvisation unlocks creativity. When organisations need to do more with less, when teams and leaders want extraordinary results, when innovation is a necessity and not a luxury then focussed training in improvisation makes a big difference – fast. This challenging work liberates and synthesises dormant talent using bespoke techniques and experiential exercises.

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