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Surprised and horrified with the number of businesses hiding behind websites and social media, Anthony Stears has made it his mission to get business talking again. “We seem to be going backwards in our ability to connect in conversation and too many people are scared or dread picking up the phone and making business development calls to potential clients”. Anthony will change the way you think about making “cold calls” and give you the skills to get what you want from every call, even if you’re a hardened sales professional who wants to increase your conversion ratio.

It’s Good to TalkEvery talk is different tailored to the audience

Why do so many of us choose to bombard our message out to the masses through large email campaigns? The quickest, cheapest and easiest way to find your next clients is to pick up the phone and speak to them.

If your team needs to elevate their performance on the phone, whether it’s a confidence boost or just a few extra skills to increase their conversion ratio, then Anthony can help. Teaching people to build a sales pipeline that converts without “selling” he can show your team how to engage with more clients and find endless opportunities by getting past the gatekeeper and building rapport quickly, adding sparkle to your pitch and closing more appointments.

Giving a clear structure to follow and useful tips and techniques to take control of every conversation, Anthony doesn’t just talk about how to be more effective on the phone but he will actually illustrate with a live call demonstration on stage. These calls are not done to show off but to back up the training being delivered and applying these techniques to real business situations. Making calls on behalf of YOUR company to genuine prospects your audience will understand that you don’t have to be a “typical salesperson” to make sales and find opportunities.

  • Curing “phone phobia” – Giving you the confidence to dial with purpose and make things happen.
    (Call structures, objection handling, avoiding rejection, building rapport, staying motivated)
  • Perfecting your pitch – What to say and who to say it to
    (What’s your “angle”, creating interest, best approaches to use & when, preparation & presentation)
  • Gathering good data – How to find, where to research and collate a decent database
    (Profiling your ideal client, CRM explained (3 levels to fit everyone), researching potential partnerships)
  • Building a pipeline – Getting you going
    (How to warm-up and qualify your sales leads)
  • Breaking into new markets – Selling a proposition or opportunity
    (Who to talk to, what to do/say, preparing for your approach)
  • Effective social media – Learn to “play the game” – Get results and value for all that time and effort
    (What social media work’s for you, how to test & measure, spreading the right message, finding useful information that helps you sell more)

“I was always destined for sales and since setting my company 10 years ago, I have been helping businesses to get in front of their ideal customers. I found myself with a waiting list of clients and was known by most as “The Telephone Assassin”. With this growing waiting list of clients and no way to service them all, I began working with an NLP Master Trainer who helped me to analyse my processes and communication style to help me understand how I am able to deliver such great results. This has enabled me to develop a selection of training workshops designed to help those people responsible for generating leads but wouldn’t consider themselves natural sales people.

After working with a wide variety of businesses from big blue-chip companies through to start ups and entrepreneurs, I now train larger groups and demonstrate how to make more sales by taking a different approach. Teaching people to use their manners as a sales tool, I’ll share with you the secrets which turn a “cold caller” into a pro-active expert and will have people thanking YOU for calling!”

Anthony is also an author publishing, The Telephone Assassin – The getting in guide.

Top sales trainer Steve Clarke of Eureka Sales says “call in the “Telephone Assassin” he’ll get you results – guaranteed”.

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