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You need to grow your business exponentially and he knows how. Meet Brett StClair, Ex-Googler turned digital banker and now CEO of Siatik who will light the fire needed for your company’s Digital Transformation. With over two decades of experience in the global digital landscape, Brett has helped bring Silicon Valley to the likes of Africa, Greece and Israel while managing Android, Youtube, Google Display and Google’s Cloud Computing.

Brett’s adrenaline-charged keynotes will inspire action and land the digital exponential growth narrative for the tech savvy as well as the tech virgins. To listen to more about future technologies join Brett and team on SA’s no 1 tech podcast Futurology on CliffCentral and What’s the Future (WTF) Video Riffs.

“Thanks Brett for being our MC at the 2017 Africa DevOps Day conference. You brought an energy to the event that I believe has not been there before. A lot of feedback has been that this was the biggest yet most relaxed Africa DevOps Day conference yet. Your keynote presentation on the Culture Behind DevOps was also very well received. I most enjoyed your point of becoming uncomfortably excited. Your personal approach to interviewing each speakers gave these interviews a vibe of intimacy enabling the speakers to relax and open up. Thanks for doing an amazing job hosting the day, and helping us start the conversation of Scaling DevOps Through Infrastructure.”  DevOps Africa Events Organiser, Attila Bernariusz.


  • Digital Transformation is the path to Innovation
  • The Era of IoT is really about Selfies
  • The Culture behind DevOps
  • The Crypto Currency Alphabet LTD, ICO, BTC, So ?
  • Digital the new way of working
  • Let’s get Artificially Intelligent about cataclysmic platform shifts
  • Small data counts more than Big data
  • From Googler to Banker


  • Go Big to think Small
  • Let’s solve a Customer Problem
  • Get Going with Agile now

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