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Building Digital Businesses


Brett St Clair, the Ex Googler of five years, turned digital banker and African Digital Disrupter, who loves being part of Africa’s greatness by focusing on disrupting the status quo and accelerating growth through the frenetic buzz of developing exponential businesses.


Where is Digital Disruption coming from

What a Digital Business look like

How can you Digitally Transform your business

Brett’s Expertise is specifically focused in building Digital Businesses and helping Small to Large Corporations transform. Brett is all about the doing, his keynotes are about what he has done both successfully and the failures. Brett’s expertise ranges from understanding and solving customer problems to Marketing to the Customer across any channel. Including building the right Digital products for the customer.

Most importantly Brett will help your team, structure, culture and way of work to compete against the likes of Silicon Valley based business. Brett is Data mad and helps businesses understand how to build Artificial intelligent systems on Big Data tech stacks. Finally he helps businesses figure out how to best understand the unlimited supply of data that is generated across your business.

If your business needs to learn how to build digital technology, Brett’s background as a Google product owner helps business understand the software engineering process like Agile and Lean Startup. Brett is inspired to ensure businesses achieve success quicker and better. As a speaker focuses on how local businesses can implement the secret code of Silicon Valley.

Brett has proven experience where he Lead the building of global successes at Admob (world’s largest Mobile Advertising network), Android, Youtube, Google and Google Cloud Computing where he mastered the secret of Silicon Valley. Brett has since gone on to Lead the rebuild Barclays Africa’s digital landscape earning the team a number of Global and local awards including World first accolades where they built the first full service banking bot on FB messenger. Brett is an energetic, empathetic and passionate speaker who interprets the world of technology into entertaining and actionable layman’s terms. You can follow Brett and his thoughts on the CliffCentral show Futurology every Wednesday at midday.

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