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Bruce Whitfield is best known to most as the Money Show host on 702 and CapeTalk. He is also an award-winning financial broadcaster, writer, TV presenter and master-facilitator. Bruce is a witty, creative and engaging presenter who makes money matters understandable and accessible to listeners.

The Upside of Down: An engaging new talk from well-respected Bruce Whitfield aimed at executives and management who daily deal with despondent work forces concerned about the future. Politics and the levels of rhetoric are drowning out sober discussion. This talk brings perspective at a time of deep uncertainty and provides managers with the insight to lead their teams. It takes audiences on a roller coaster ride through 50 years of our history to provide some context to today’s challenges.

Bruce is an authority on the political economy and an esteemed financial journalist.
Bruce presents the multi-award winning Money Show on 702 and Cape Talk, hosts ‘’The Moneymakers’’ on CNBC Africa and he writes a weekly column for Sunday Times, Business Times. He is a sought-after public speaker, MC and conference facilitator.

There are some people who say that Bruce Whitfield is pretty good at what he does. They’ve even given him awards in recognition of his contribution to financial journalism on radio, print and television.

Bruce Whitfield has been named Sanlam Financial journalist of the Year three times, he has been crowned Citadel Words on Money Overall Winner for personal finance writing, Citi South Africa Financial Journalist of the Year in 2009 and he completed a course at New York’s framed Columbia Journalism School as part of that programme. He has won numerous other accolades for print, radio and television in the Sanlam and Citadel awards over the past decade and has also been crowned ‘Best Financial Broadcaster’ in the MTN Radio Awards three years running. Bruce was also named ‘Best Money Writer’ in the 2012 Telkom Classic Business Journalist of the Year awards.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Rhodes University when typewriters were still in use, the internet was in its infancy, cell phones were foreign concept and Google was a pipe-dream. He’s been practicing as a journalist for nearly two decades.

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