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Build a Better Conference is a strategic shift that transforms conference fatigue and lacklustre engagement into a strategic integration, high impact interaction and return on investment for your conference and beyond.  Ignites new thinking on the stage and then provides feedback and dialogue off the stage using innovative interaction techniques and technology.  Strengthen your conference at every point from pre-conference planning, the quality of the experience, the value of the conference budget and the organisational impact of the conference message and post-conference engagement.

In this “always-on” era we collaborate and connect in the moment which means your audience wants to have a voice – to contribute to shared wisdom into your company’s strategy, culture and leadership thinking.  When employees are given a voice, they connect to the purpose of the event and are motivated to work towards a common vision.  Michael Jackson, in association with the Unique Speaker Bureau combine their strategic thinking and extensive conference experience, to help you achieve your conference’s strategic purpose and creates a dynamic, unforgettable, conference experience.

What we have learnt from being involved in over 6,521 conferences is:

1. Conference fatigue is real

2. Delegates fill up the back rows to avoid being caught like rabbits in a spotlight

3. Its normally just a Death by PowerPoint data dump in a darkened room all day

4. Poor internal presenters with bad slides fill badly planned agendas

5. No one ever remembers the message … and

6. Conferencing ROI is no more than pulling down the banners and adding up the bar bill

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 No more… we need to build a better conference

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