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Tired of the conference in a box?

What we have learnt from being involved in over 6,521 conferences is:

1. Conference fatigue is real

2. Delegates fill up the back rows to avoid being caught like rabbits in a spotlight

3. Its normally just a Death by PowerPoint data dump in a darkened room all day

4. Poor internal presenters with bad slides fill badly planned agendas

5. No one ever remembers the message … and

6. Conferencing ROI is no more than pulling down the banners and adding up the bar bill

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 No more… we need to build a better conference

build better conferences; how to BBC, Introduction to BBC by USB

How to improve my conference.  At USB, we can help you build a better conference.  We work with our clients to tailor their conference agenda, making the delegate experience a valuable one through team thinking interventions & facilitation, interview style presentations and business conference Television.

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