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As an energetic and authentic speaker, Caroline is passionate about inspiring her audiences to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of performance possibility. Drawing on over 25 years of business experience, 10 years of which were spent working with Richard Branson and the Virgin Group of companies, she inspires her audiences to embrace change, deal with the uncertainty of the future and operate at their most resilient and authentic best.

The MADness of High Performance – An inspiring and thought provoking story about performing under pressure in a fast paced business world.

The MADness of High performance

Today’s fast paced business world requires people at all levels of business to perform at their absolute best. The challenge however, is being able to strike a balance between meeting demands and avoiding burnout. This keynote tackles those issues. 

The pace of life and the speed of change in our 24 x 7 always on western culture has reached epidemic proportions. To keep pace, organisations demand a lot from their employees, driving higher levels of performance across the board.  From senior executives to client services, from middle management to technical support, everyone is required to do more with less leaving many individuals feeling overwhelmed, overworked and saturated as they strive to stay ahead of the game.

In our age of hysterical industriousness, being busy is like a badge of honour and we are conditioned to believe that it’s what makes us worthy, what makes us important and what makes us successful. But does the constant striving and driving and pushing ourselves to the point of exhaustion actually lead to better levels of performance and productivity?   Being a high performer today is an art.  It’s not just about having vast amounts of knowledge and exceptional skills, it involves being flexible, adaptable, resilient and highly self-aware to be able to perform consistently in highly pressured, rapidly changing business contexts.

In this captivating and thought-provoking keynote Caroline candidly shares her own experiences as a high performing executive in the Virgin Group of companies. drawing upon personal stories and anecdotes and insights from philosophy and neuroscience she challenges some of the deeply held beliefs we have about performance while providing practical tools and insights for gaining control, creating alignment and maximising personal power and energy to sustain high levels of performance into the longer term.

Caroline has been speaking, facilitating and inspiring individuals and teams for the last 15 years.

Her keynote talks are universally accessible and relevant to any audience at any level. She has an ability to seamlessly integrate stories, experience and academic/theoretical information with practical application while also weaving a client’s specific performance message into her delivery. Caroline will also meet you for a pre-event briefing so she can get to know you and your team and where possible, customise her content to meet your specific objectives or challenges.

Caroline has been described as a powerful and authentic speaker. Her quirky sense of humour and natural speaking ability not only keeps the attention of the audience, but also inspires them to think differently and act more courageously under pressure. Her talks equip people to not only perform at their best but to deal more effectively with change, embrace the uncertainty of the future and also realise their unique performance potential.

If your company is looking for a keynote speaker that has a story to tell, alongside credibility and expertise, Caroline may be the perfect fit!

Caroline Ravenall has over 25 years of business experience in leadership, organisational start up and growth, culture change, personal and professional development.

With a background in Sales and Marketing in the international aviation industry Caroline spent almost 10 years working with Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic Airways in the UK and the USA. She first came to South Africa in the late 1990’s to set up the airlines operations in the country and spearhead the launch of Virgins’ brand and culture across the African Continent. It was here that she developed an innate curiosity for people development and organisational culture and its impact on the psychology, wellbeing and performance of individuals and teams.

For the last 15 years Caroline has worked with many blue chip organisations in a variety of industry sectors as a leadership development facilitator, culture change specialist and executive coach. Utilising principles from archetypal psychology, organisational behaviour, change management, philosophy, ontology, leadership embodiment, neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation, she works with individuals and teams to help them function at their most authentic and resilient best.

Caroline is also an author. The second edition of her book – ‘The Rebellion of the Soul’ is due to be released in the near future.

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