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Celynn Erasmus, Performance Chemistry and The FAB Quotient


If you need to energise, interest, motivate and excite employees, managers and directors alike; my keynote presentations or energizer interventions will do so very successfully. I present upbeat and interactive sessions that help audiences stay engaged and fire on all cylinders. This results in not only a more memorable experience but tremendous personal and professional value as the retained knowledge converts into tangible behaviour shifts beyond the event.

The FAB Quotient™

Provides a practical tool kit to empower high performing individuals and teams – fight fatigue, stay resilient both personally and at work. Harnesses the emergence effect of the three essential dimensions for resilience, purposeful performance and happiness.

Performance Chemistry 

Organizational profitability through individual performance. Creates awareness of the strategic elements [em]powering health and wealth.

Celynn Erasmus and Joni Peddie present on the FAB Quotient – both individually or as a duo. Click on this link to view more on the FAB duo option.

Celynn is a registered dietitian and works as a full time professional speaker and writer. Celynn is passionate about equipping high performing teams and individuals shift from feeling stressed, sick and tired to feeling balanced, healthy and energetic. Her approach is grounded in science yet pragmatic and sustainable.  

Celynn energizes local as well as international clients and presents regularly in the UK. 

Celynn is currently a director of the Resilient Energy Center and along with behavioural strategist, Joni Peddie, they have published book 1 (of a series of 3), called “The FAB Quotient: Fight Fatigue and Stay Resilient”.

When Celynn is not working, she enjoys doing mosaic art, travelling and true to her French heritage she enjoys good food and wine.

The modern work place brings about constant change and pressure, which undermines our ability for deliberate thought, creativity, good health and engagement. Drawing on the multidisciplinary science of high performance, Celynn Erasmus offers audiences the simplicity at the far end of complexity, through a blueprint with a set of actionable strategies to help busy people take back control of their lifestyle habits, and to be more productive and satisfied as a result.

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