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MC – Business, Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Turnarounds, Current Affairs, Politics


  • Significant levels of repeat bookings indicate happy clients.
  • Extensive experience in both business and media.
  • Very broad general knowledge augments deep ‘homework’ on your business.
  • Always delighted to help you design your programme and event.

Keynote presentation include

  • Ten Trends That Will Shape Tomorrow
  • Conference MC with expertise described above

Who am I and what are my areas of expertise ?

I am a journalist & broadcaster with more than 30 years on-air experience, as well as a former company director. I specialise in business and current affairs. I currently edit the quarterly magazine of one of SA’s top business schools and MC nearly all of their conferences.

Why are my presentations of interest or relevance to your audience?

If you are staging a conference that has a business theme, you need an MC to interact between the main speakers and the audience. Much of a conference’s real value lies in these conversations and it takes both business knowledge and presentational skill to extract it. I specialise in this.

What makes me different to other speakers?

My experience in business and my broadcast experience. Very few other MCs have executed a R400 million company turnaround, been involved in a JSE listing or done offshore M&A. And if they have, it’s unlikely they have also anchored a daily radio news show or interviewed either Nelson Mandela or Margaret Thatcher. I’ve done all of those things.

How would I describe my delivery style as a presenter?

Don’t hire me if you want a comedian. From me, you’ll get wit, informed comment, observations on what the last speaker has just said, and I’ll also control the conversation with the audience. You’ll also find that I do plenty of homework about your company.

Why use me, and when should you do so?

I’m your man if you want authority, knowledge, precision and information. Hire me for the conference that sets the future strategy of your business.

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