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Employee Engagement, Organisational Culture and Leadership


As the author of “How to Build a Happy Sandpit”, Colin is the professional on South African organisational culture and employee engagement. Colin enables individuals and entire companies to recognise, enhance, maintain and protect the culture of the organisation. In doing so he truly defines and develops individual worth, thus increasing and implementing better engagement techniques and overall potential.

  • The culture building blocks of high performing teams
  • How to hire people who are an ideal fit for your organisation
  • But what if you have to work with the people you’ve got?
  • How to build a Happy Sandpit: how great organisations create engagement
  • Culture doesn’t eat strategy. It enables it

Colin Browne runs a think tank called Happy Sandpit, which researches, debates and publishes through newsletters, articles and hands-on workshops and seminars, the most impressive opportunities and threats to people leaders in commercial organisations. Happy Sandpit is underpinned by the initial, ground-breaking research conducted in 2012 – 2015 for the book How to build a Happy Sandpit, with organisations around Southern Africa on how they build culture that drives engagement leading to high performance and loyalty among employees and leaders alike. The think tank emerged in response to many questions as answers with the realisation this is a rich area for constant exploration. Colin is a writer and researcher with a business journalism background and the co-founder of a successful business training organisation that immediately preceded Happy Sandpit.


His presentations are narrative-based, designed to take a very thorny and often complex problem and make it simple to comprehend. He deals only in real-world research, predominantly created by him and his team at Happy Sandpit, He focuses on thoughtful, practical information with solutions that can be implement immediately. Too often the subject of organisational culture is approached from a spectator standpoint, sharing observations without actionable insights. If you’re looking for a fun and funny presentation that will deliver plenty of aha moments, the odds are you will enjoy what Colin has to offer.

Though speaking form a reasonable part of Colin’s professional life, the majority of his time is spent on other activities, such as the Happy Sandpit Field Trips. He takes teams of executives on tours of companies with strong cultures to learn what they’re doing. Not only does this feed his content keeping his presentations fresh and his understanding constantly evolving but it enables him to customise his talks to address a broad number of challenges facing his clients.

Additionally, though his focus area is clearly defined, his talks are aimed at several audiences, from leaders to followers in any organisation.

  • Author, researcher, head of the Happy Sandpit Think Tank
  • Expert on organisational culture, employee engagement and leadership
  • Pioneer of the Three Day Field Trip in South Africa
  • Author of How to build a Happy Sandpit
  • 20 years of business journalism experience

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