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Craig Wing is an international business leader, assisting companies understand the future of their business and how to create a culture that supports this “futureproof” strategy.
In his rather brief career, he has helped over 1,000 young entrepreneurs, project developed an online platform to create 50,000 websites (one every 10 minutes!), filled 2 patents and started 3 of his own companies. The first was a technology company to help partially sighted children maximize their remaining vision. The second, a consulting company helping develop entrepreneurs and scenario and strategy planning. The third was a cleantech non-profit in Silicon Valley, California. He is now a partner at the 27 year old FutureWorld, helping clients understand the nexus of Future Strategy and Corporate Culture.

  • What’s Alphabet Doing that your Company isn’t?
  • Thriving inside the perfect storm
  • Naked Leadership
  • Humanlytics

What’s Alphabet Doing that your Company isn’t?

Simply – what is Google doing that your company is not?

(We all know that Google is one of the most successful and admired companies in the world, with an iconic culture that attracts 10,000 job applications a day from the brightest minds on the planet – and delivers excellent profits!)

Craig explains how leaders can thrive can create the culture you need to support your business strategy through powerful interactive workshops and classroom experiences. He will expose delegates to tools and techniques to radically reshape their leadership and personal skills – all from within the hallowed walls of Google!

Thriving inside the perfect storm

Facing the challenges of a new and exciting world

The world is changing in rapid and fundamental ways; radically affecting all industries and social structures. Are you ready for the waves of change you are facing?

We’re surfing a technology tsunami! New technologies are reshaping the way the world operates, the way people live, and the way we do business. Nothing will ever be the same, as customers and citizens take control of relationships. At the same time, the connectivity explosion has created a global trust crisis. Who do we trust – Government, or Google? Our local politicians, or a stranger we have never met on Facebook?

Leaders have to address this crisis if they are to thrive inside the Perfect Storm, because power is shifting – moving from institutions, from governments and big companies, into the hands of connected individuals. This is completely reshaping societies, economics, politics and business. And it is giving rise to a generation of new, nimble, innovative players across the entire landscape, who are challenging the existing players with different models and new rules. It really is the “perfect storm”!

Craig challenges the “Business as Usual” mindset in this provocative workshop. We’ll unpack the new rules as Millenials move to the fore, and digitization defines the future. We’ll explore the role of culture in this new world, and leave delegates with powerful insights in strategy in a changing reality.

Naked Leadership

The Challenge of an Open and Transparent Marketplace.

In the new age of openness and transparency, everyone – and increasingly, everything – is connected and active. There really is no place to hide!

Digital technologies create profound impacts on leadership and management of organisations, and on the modern leader – they splinter and diffuse old paradigms – yet link the world into a single and chaotic global network. Blogs, wikis, crowdsourcing, augmented reality, social networks…the entire nature of communication in and with the marketplace is changing.

In their wake, these technologies create massive new market opportunities and make it possible to lead from anywhere in the network. For leaders, it’s about much more than technology.

Naked Leadership is about grasping the forces shaping this digital marketspace, and building a fresh mind-set that enables you to shed established, but redundant, leadership habits and be ready to face the future as a naked leader, with any old paradigms stripped away.

Craig explains how leaders can thrive in the “Naked” world, and through powerful interactive workshops and classroom experiences, will expose delegates to tools and techniques to radically reshape their leadership and personal skills.


People before Data.

Are people really your most important asset?

If so, why are they leaving in droves? Why does your “middle management” struggle to communicate and execute senior management and board strategy? Why can’t you retain your Millennial employees? How can you ensure you remain the best because – let’s face it – your strategy isn’t unique in your industry.

To face these issues, FutureWorld has created a new theme: Humanlytics: people before data. It’s not HumanAnalytics: the science of people, this is fundamentally different. It’s about re-creating your company, re-aligning your practices and co-developing the environment to survive the onslaught of emerging technologies that are already disrupting your business.

Craig explores the criticality of culture inside organisations. How do new employees see your organisation? Unpack the hiring process and how you create culture expectations.. Examine your current structure – a hierarchical organization designed on industrial age principles, that quashes creativity and energy? Take a hard look at your performance systems – effective or outdated?

Craig Wing has a BSc (Eng), MSc (Usability) and MBA from Babson college as the recipient of the Frederic C Hamiliton scholarship for significant entrepreneurial achievement. During his MBA he was elected the first “non-American” class president.
He started 4 companies including a CleanTech, nonprofit in Silicon Valley, has 2 provisional patents, helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs. As Head of Small Business Marketing for Google launched South African Business Woza online where SME’s created 50,000 websites in it’s inaugural year – one every 10 minutes,.
He is an AFLI Desmond Tutu Fellow, AshokaU changemaker, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Mail and Guardian Top 200 under 35, Destiny Man Top 40 under 40, spoken about disruptive Innovation at TEDx and been profiled at the Clinton Global Initiative.

Craig Wing is a non-executive on WomEng – helping inspire more woman to be engineers, chairman of Moving into Dance helping disenfranchised youth through dance, and council member for PACOFS – the Dept of Arts and Culture Performing Arts Center in The Orange Free State.

He has been profiled on television, radio and is a frequent keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, innovation and culture. He has also swam in the Amazon, tear-gassed in Turkey, skydived in California and been shark diving.

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