High Altitude Mountaineer and Motivational Speaker

Deshun Deysel assists companies in the areas of leadership, envisioning, efficacy, goal-setting, motivation, diversity and organizational culture. As the first black woman to climb Mount Everest, Deshun fulfilled her childhood dream. Today, she sees climbing mountains as a metaphor for making the impossible possible. Deshun believes that this philosophy of mountain-climbing is very relevant to Africa and uses it as a lesson to help individuals to overcome some of the adversity they may face as people and nations.

Having put cognitive/behavioural theory to work in her own life [combined with more than a decades worth of research in her client base] Deshun created a unique tool to assist individuals in making the connection between effective thinking and effective doing. The Peak Performance Toolkit™ Coaching System© provides a platform for Self-Reflection and Taking Action in 5 Areas of Effectiveness© for business success. Helping to track and measure performance and assisting in the vital task of getting things done.


  • Executive Coaching
  • Coaching for SMME owners
  • Women in Leadership
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Leading Self

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