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Trend specialist, business innovation strategist, best-selling author , entrepreneur and a faculty member at the prestigious Singularity University in San Francisco


Innovative business, trend categorisation and company culture strategy; contextualisation of trends that have a direct impact on how executives and business owners innovate at every touch point of organisations – focusing on the future of industries, consumers and employees.

How to Innovate with Purpose

All businesses need to innovate. Executive decision-makers are faced with asking these key questions: Why to innovate? When to innovate? Who are we innovating for? Grappling with these questions can hold back business drivers from addressing the need for innovation on time, and on trend. In this presentation, I takes the audience through a

journey of Why? When? and Who? before introducing the steps that will inspire genius and encourage your organisation to innovate with purpose.


Forever Profitable

In an ever-changing world, staying relevant, authentic and profitable is a real challenge. In this talk my focus point is on how business can use trends in a very specific manner and form new habits to fast track the adoption of a culture of profitability, forever. Quick 5 min video


How to Attract and Keep the Best Staff

The most important asset in today’s world of business, is true talent. Attracting and nurturing this talent, motivating and creating a climate conducive to innovation; finding the keys that will open new doors to reveal growth and sustainability. This talk is about discovering the “How?”. “How” to to attract, inspire, motivate and retain the best staff.

He has developed a methodology called Trenovate™ which categorises and contextualises trends to help innovate at every touch point of businesses. After applying the Trenovate™ methodology, he will establish a strategic path in order to implement and reach goals through two key programs, Culture S.T.A.R.S™ and R.A.P.I.D™ innovation.

An entrepreneur at heart, John Sanei has over 20 years of business experience in South Africa and, more recently, in Europe and the UAE. His experience has given him a deep understanding of a wide range of industries including retail, farming, media, textile manufacturing, skin care, hospitality, food manufacturing and the financial services to name a few.

John Sanei delivers inspiring, high energy keynote talks and presentations as well facilitating at corporate events and strategic initiatives. He runs workshops and is a trend curator, business strategist, inspirator and entrepreneur.

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