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If you wish to challenge the status quo and stimulate thinking and action then Keith Coats will fit the bill. He is comfortable in addressing sizable conferences to executive teams sitting around the boardroom table. He is confidant that the thinking he represents (Co Founding partner of TomorrowToday) is amongst the very best anywhere and is world class.

  • Leading in a Changing World  – understanding, identifying and responding to the changing leadership needs  of the future
  • The TIDES of Change – the 5 disruptive forces shaping the world right now, and the leadership needed in the new world of work
  • Mind the Gap – understanding, working with and influencing the different generations in the work place.
  • The Enemy Within – what are the questions organisations should be asking but aren’t – when it comes to the future. Helping organisations adapt to a changing world

As a founding partner in TomorrowToday Keith has had the privilege of working across multiple industries in a global context at both an executive and senior leadership level. His focus is primarily on leadership in a changing world – what will be the shifts required of leaders and organisations in both their thinking and practice when it comes to leadership. Allied to this focus area are future trends and disruption, diversity and bringing out the best in those you lead.

The research his team does ensures he is always up to date and client relevant. TomorrowToday works hard to ask the questions that aren’t being asked and then to build frameworks of understanding that illuminate insights into the specific area of focus – be that leadership, talent, disruption, diversity etc. These frameworks draw on broad international exposure and experience. The frameworks, as part of their evolutionary process, are turned into dynamic, edu-etertaining keynote presentations. What this means is that the presentations are underpinned by global experience, research and the very best of TomorrowToday’s thinking. They can be fully customised, are always being updated and are enhanced by the selective use of multi-media. Business Schools and institutions including London Business School, Duke CE, GIBS and the East West Centre, Hawaii repeatedly request my input in their premier leadership programmes globally.

Keith has formally studied leadership teams in organisational change and has a background in both corporate banking and the non-profit sector in South Africa. He is a published author and at the request of the King of Sweden did work with the Sweden Economic Forum.

Some unique distinctions include his extensive global experience – experience that includes presenting in places as diverse as Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, multiple countries in South America and Europe, USA, Australia, Mauritius, the Dominican Republic and Kenya; Extensive experience in presenting to multi-cultural audiences across multiple industry and commercial sectors and through a variety of channels including business schools, associations, institutes and directly with the client.

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