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A sports journo by training, Natalie has spent the last 12 years in arguably the toughest business: people management. Her unique experience and storytelling ability provide audiences with an interesting and entertaining way to understand the rapidly changing workplace and how to develop a game plan to succeed.. Using sporting analogies that even ‘non-sporty people’ understand, she helps organisations and individuals get to grips with the new world of work and what it takes to emerge victorious.

  • Touch. Pause. Engage!
  • Play It As It Lies
  • Shifting Spaces
  • Hunting Purple Squirrels
  • The F-word…Flexibility

A prime example of Generation X, 80% of whom no longer work in the field for which they qualified, Natalie combines her passion for people and sports by ‘coaching’ organisations and individuals to unearth talent, develop a game plan and out play their competition.

In today’s complex business environment access to, and best use of, skilled employees is critical. Whether heading up HR or simply managing a project, division or business, finding the right people and engaging them properly is key to successfully attaining organisational goals.

It’s not just managers who benefit. Each individual employee is challenged daily with maintaining their relevance, increasing their skill and finding ways to balance personal aspirations and career goals with those of the organisation. Understanding how to shift to New World of Work thinking empowers growth.

Her talks and workshops can be tailored to audiences, industries or organisational needs but will assist everyone in the business, from individual employees, HR and OD, through line to executive management, understanding how and why workplaces have to adapt to achieve global competitive status.

Natalie’s communications qualification and life-long sports addiction coupled with more than a decade’s experience in talent management gives her a unique perspective on people management strategy.

Natalie headed up the professional body for the staffing industry, APSO, for 8 years. She has been at the coalface of the recent labour law amendments and was instrumental in shifting recruitment, talent and workforce management to the level of credibility and strategic relevance it deserves in today’s VUCA world.

Her role as the Africa representative on the World Employment Board, CIETT, provided Natalie with great insight into the global labour market, from highly developed countries to those, like South Africa, where opportunity abounds within a challenging context.

Although now an independent consultant, She continues to work closely with the industry, engaging with organised business, organised labour and Government, to find common ground in the careful balancing act of enabling companies to operate flexibly and competitively – a must in today’s global market – whilst ensuring the protection of individual workers.

Uncommon for a woman, Natalie is a qualified cricket umpire and scorer. A keen sportswoman, she played just about every sport available, including representing her school at 1st team level in swimming, waterpolo and hockey. A 10-handicap golfer with more than 10 club championship, 5 regional, 1 Interclub and a Natal Ladies title to her name, she continues to chase that little white ball in the hopes of finally making the elusive hole-in-one.

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