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Pa Joof has a unique understanding of economic dynamics, corporate mechanisms and leadership development. His uncanny ability to translate this to a workable/winning real-world application and implementation make him a highly sought after speaker and the go to consultant and personal coach to politicians, top-athletes, thought leaders and some of the greatest corporate leaders of our time.


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A highly acclaimed international speaker, Pa Joof is the flash of inspiration that moves you to action. He is heralded as one of the most authentic speakers of his generation and brings a unique brand of positive energy that can engage and uplift any audience, anywhere in the world.

His message of empowerment and personal fulfilment, coupled with his electrifying signature style, has the power to transform attitudes and to tap into and awaken dormant potential.

He has shared the stage and collaborated with world-renowned thinkers and influencers such as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and Brian Tracy. The results he establishes in corporate trainings and through his executive coaching are unparalleled; the most prestigious business institutes and universities all over the world have invited him to share his unique insights.

He lends his business acumen to leading companies from diverse industries. This includes market leaders such as HSBC, Hilton, O2, Deloitte & Touche, Barclays, Connexions, Aviva, Foot Locker and United Bank of Africa.  He has captivated roomfuls in over 200 cities in 25 different countries. He has delivered nearly 3,000 talks, engrossing over 200,000 people from all walks of life.


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Voted a Top 100 Business Leader in the World to Follow on Twitter (with a following there of over 200,000), Pa has trained and spoken to over 200,000 people in over 200 cities in 25 countries on five continents – including his homeland of Africa.

In addition to his developing global brand as a motivational speaker, he is the founder of the Making It Happen Now Foundation (MiHN), a social enterprise that supports inner-city communities and empowering young people to take control of their lives. It provides a platform that helps disadvantaged communities build a solid foundation for prosperity and self-sustenance.
Established in 2004, MiHN was the first of many of his multi-faceted entrepreneurial ventures, which also have included various real estate companies (building his own portfolio and helping others build theirs) and The Wealth Institute, a comprehensive holistic educational platform offering financial knowledge and wisdom to help people cultivate a mindset for health, wealth and prosperity. Born in the tiny West African country of The Gambia, his father was a renowned table tennis champ. While participating in a world championship tournament in China, he found an illegal way to move to the UK, where Pa was born and lived for six years. Life was hard for illegal immigrants, so the family moved back to The Gambia. They spent eight years sharing a cramped single bedroom in a household with 30 other relatives. At 17 Pa returned to the UK and enrolled at North London University where he earned a degree in business analysis.

On graduation he went into retail management for a prominent Fortune 500 company, serving various key management functions and finally running a store with 120 staff members. Still in his early 20s, Pa became Head of Banking Europe; his position involved banking for the 450 stores. Overseeing sales and corporate training initiatives in several other blue-chip companies, Pa was responsible for over $1 billion in assets.

He brought a prominent motivational speaker event to Holland and later assembled a group of financial experts to accompany him as he conducted his own presentation in Antwerp, Belgium. His creation of the Ultimate Wealth Congress ultimately led to him striking out on his own with The Wealth Institute. This gave rise to his own brand as an international motivational speaker.

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