Innovation Guru, Tour Guide to the Future, Director: ITSI

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Pieter is known for his provocative and groundbreaking predictions about the future. He however does far more than predict the future; he literally guides companies to be a pro-active agent in creating the future – a true “Tour guide to the Future”. He has more than 800 radio and more than 1000 public appearances under his belt, and has spoken to audiences in more than 20 countries.

As academic and Director of ITSI, Pieter has a proven track record in assisting organizations to alter their strategies and business models to harness the opportunities that the future holds. Ever since 2003, he has guided more than 3000 students and more than 100 innovation projects within the largest technology companies in India, the Middle East and Africa.

“You are the best futurist I have met up to date.” Johann Rupert, Remgro Board meeting – 2007.


  • Beyond the 7th wave: Our future in a world of AI abundance
  • Business Unusual: New business opportunities in a Hyper-connected world
  • 2030: Preparing for a Complex Future
  • 12 Lessons from the Cyberwar frontier
  • 3 Men and an elephant: An introduction to Complex Adaptive Systems


  • Navigating an increasingly unpredictable future
  • Leveraging the Future: Unlocking new Business models in your industry
  • Preparing your organization for the coming Cyber War
  • Harnessing the power of Machine Learning in your organization
  • Brand Archetypes and the future of advertising

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