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Talent Leadership in the New World of Work. Understanding how trends like Digitisation, Millennials, Gen Z, and Generational Dynamics influence Strategy, Leadership and your Organisation


As a part of the dynamic team at TomorrowToday Global Raymond de Villiers covers a variety of trends – but his specific focus is on the people who populate this environment and understanding what makes them “tick” as employees and customers. Raymond’s message and content will help engage these critical discussion points, whether at strategic executive or operational management level.

Raymond is an intelligent, creative, and articulate leader whose business orientation is fundamentally strategic, futurist, and innovative.


Meet the Digital Natives

The T.I.D.E.S of Change

Is your business planning to still be here, and profitable, in the next 5 years? Are you wanting to sell to a new generation of customers, or are you happy with your existing customer bases’ ageing (and depleting) wallet? Will you, or your biggest competitors (some of whom aren’t even in business yet), be your industry’s “Employer of Choice” and “Magnet for Talent”?

Ray’s message and content will help you engage these critical discussion points, whether at strategic executive or operational management level. His message goes down equally well as detailed input into a strategic offsite or a motivational conference keynote.

Ray joins the dots many of us see, and some we don’t, to draw a picture that helps his clients make sense of the changing world around them. Using stories, examples,
and well researched content from corporates, academia, social and mainstream media he takes you on a journey toward relevance in a world that is nothing like your past, and less and less like your present.


Leading in times of Change

Mind the Gap

An international speaker and consultant who has presented to a impressive list of local and global organisations helping them understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in the New World of Work. Raymond’s engaging story-telling style, based on broad research and sound globally-relevant content make him a fresh insightful voice in this space.

He also has experience with both the Banking and Insurance / Assurance sides of the sector.

Ray has researched and written a white paper on “Fintech, the digital customer, and the future of banking” that was successfully presented to the Swiss banking Industry in June 2016. He has drawn on his experience to expand the research to include the Insurance, Assurance, Investment and other industry areas in order to understand the Future of Money in the digital world.

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