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René Carayol specialises in leadership, culture and business transformation bound together with a compelling philosophy founded on his own board level experience.

He asks awkward and uncomfortable questions; how do you change old-fashioned, risk-adverse processes that are ill suited to emerging global markets? How do you secure and nurture the talents of a new generation of leaders? How do you overcome cynicism and complacency, and replace them with resolve?

René has built his reputation on getting to know the culture of businesses better than they do themselves; providing answers and solutions no matter how big or small the problems.


Culture Is More Powerful Than Strategy

Manage A Little Less And Lead A Little More

The Age of Uncertainty

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary leadership and make no mistake about it; we still find ourselves in unprecedented and turbulent waters.

In recent times a good product or service coupled with a good management team was sufficient to ensure success. But in today’s aggressive and unforgiving markets they are no longer enough on their own. Business growth has become pivotal in the battle to remain at the top of the markets they serve.

Progressive, contemporary businesses are learning the hard way that it is leadership and culture that separate the winners from the losers. The race is no longer about being the best; everybody is trying to do that. The winners are those that strive to be unique, special and different.

Eloquent and powerful. Electrifying the audience with hard-hitting stories and examples; injecting both a sense of humour and real-life examples and case studies that remind us that people are the most important assets of a business.

Leading through turbulent times

What do you stand for?

Born the son of a diplomat in Gambia and educated in London, his corporate success has seen him travel the world and inspire businesses to make far reaching changes across the globe. In short he is a business guru with unmatched credentials.

He is a regular broadsheet columnist and a critically acclaimed television and radio presenter with the BBC and Sky News. He is the best-selling author of the leadership and culture bible, ‘Corporate Voodoo’ and has had the privilege of working closely with some of the world’s best leaders; from former US President Bill Clinton to the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan and from former US Secretary of State Colin Powell to Sir Richard Branson.

He has provided leadership support to the UK Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, The United Nations and The World Bank, and is now an accomplished visiting professor at Cass Business School. In 2004 he was awarded an MBE for outstanding service to the business community.

René‘s career has seen him achieve international recognition for his work with C-suites across the globe; transforming the career and profile of some of the world’s most exciting and emerging business talents, and taking a plethora of iconic corporations on a journey that has transformed their businesses. René’s unrivalled business acumen allows him to chair and address conferences and business summits across the world.

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