International: Dynamic, Innovative and Creative Motivation

Sandro is an immensely popular INTERNATIONAL presenter and one of the youngest, highly successful, entrepreneurs in his profession. His enthusiasm, commitment and energy will bring considerable value to any meeting, workshop or conference. Sandro has spoken at many seminars and conferences all over the world, and has built a reputation as a dynamic and inspirational speaker. Yet, by his own admission, Sandro is an ‘ordinary guy’ who simply believes – and demonstrates day to day – that determination and a will to win are prerequisites for success.

He has excelled at just about everything he has done; captaining and playing golf, hockey and soccer at national level. Sandro has been voted ‘Top Conference Speaker’ in all five continents and is described by many as ‘warm’, ’engaging’, ‘dynamic, ‘funny’, ‘captivating’, ‘hugely motivating’ and ‘a brilliant communicator’.

His success strategies have made him one of the most sought-after speakers in the world today. His keynote presentations have captivated hundreds of thousands of people and transformed businesses such as Virgin Atlantic, Lloyds Bank, The BBC, Apple, BMW, Prudential, Mercedes, AIA, MetLife, AXA, HSBC, AVIVA, Hilton Hotels, Yahoo and Microsoft.


  • Be the best you can be – 6 steps to success
  • Dare to be different
  • Peak Performance
  • Do the right thing

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