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  • The Magic of Customer Service
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Who am I and what are my areas of expertise ?

Whether you specialize in selling products, experiences or services the success of your business relies on customers who are excited and delighted , customers who return time and time again, customers who refer you to others and most importantly customers who ultimately become your loyal, raving fans.

It is often the simple, easily applied principles that are the differentiating factors between your business and your competitors that can transform any customer into the loyal, raving fans that bring success and profitability.

Sarah has 19 years of experience in the hospitality industry and is passionate about giving and receiving exceptional customer service.
She has used these techniques in all of her business endeavours and has enjoyed the successes as a result!

Client Feedback

Harvey World Travel – The Magic of Customer Service – Marco Cristofoli
Thank you for been a part of our consultant conference, and traveling around the country with us, you were truly inspirational and your 6M’s have had a great impact not only on me , but I’m sure on all the consultants that you touched.
You are an amazing person, thank you!

Travel Learning Centre – The Magic of Customer Service – Shaun Hook
Thank you for taking the time out and speaking with our students.
It was a blessing to have you share your amazing testimony with us.
The students thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and have a much clearer view on customer service now, as do I.
Coming from a high level of customer service, I was astonished by your knowledge and expertise and how much we actually do not consider vital aspects of servicing our customers.
Simple things that you brought up to keep in mind when dealing with a customer, will surely give the students and me a breakthrough in our careers.
Thank you once again for your time and energy that you invested in the group. We really do appreciate it.

Sarah’s Videos

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