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  • Aaron Mcilroy
    Aaron Mcilroy MC and Comedian
  • Abbey Artico
    Abbey Artico Saxophonist
  • Aki Anastasiou
    Aki Anastasiou 702’s Award Winning Trafficologist, Social Media and Technology
  • Alan Committee
    Alan Committee Renowned Comedian and Corporate MC
  • Alan Knott-Craig
    Alan Knott-Craig Tech Entrepreneur
  • Allon Raiz
    Allon Raiz Accelerating Success: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Andy Lopata
    Andy Lopata International Expert on Business Networking and Strategies
  • Andy Rice
    Andy Rice Speaker, writer and strategies
  • Anele Mdoda
    Anele Mdoda South African Radio Dj and Celebrity MC
  • Anton Musgrave
    Anton Musgrave Futuristic Guru and CEO of Future World
  • Azania Mosaka
    Azania Mosaka South African Media Personality, MC and Television Presenter
  • Bongani Bingwa
    Bongani Bingwa Television and Radio Presenter, Journalist and MC
  • Brand Pretorius
    Brand Pretorius Business Leadership
  • Brian Parsley
    Brian Parsley International Author on Sales and Leadership
  • Bronwyn Nielson
    Bronwyn Nielson CNBC Africa Anchor, Executive Media Trainer, Corporate MC and Business Speaker
  • Chris Gibbons
    Chris Gibbons Journalist, Facilitator and Media Trainer
  • Clem Sunter
    Clem Sunter Internationally Acclaimed Authority on Management Strategy, Scenario Planning, Corporate Social Responsibility, Futurologist
  • Coenie de Villiers
    Coenie de Villiers MC, ‘’Music Brain in Business’’, Architecture and Multi Award Winning Musician
  • Colin Browne
    Colin Browne Organisational Culture and Employee Engagement - How to Build A Happy Sandpit
  • Conrad Koch
    Conrad Koch Award Winning Ventriloquist
  • David Arvin
    David Arvin International Thought Leader on Marketing and Customer Experience
  • David O’Sullivan
    David O’Sullivan Radio and TV Journalist
  • Dawie Roodt
    Dawie Roodt Economist and Financial Services
  • Debora Patta
    Debora Patta Highly Respected South African Journalist, Television Presenter, Storyteller, MC
  • Derek Watts
    Derek Watts Carte Blanche Anchor and Sought-After Business MC
  • Dion Chang
    Dion Chang Expert on Trends
  • Dr Iraj Abedian
    Dr Iraj Abedian Economist, Commentator, Policy Development and Author
  • Dr Mamphela Ramphele
    Dr Mamphela Ramphele International Thought Leader on Sustainable Development, Business Leader and Politician
  • Dr Roelof Botha
    Dr Roelof Botha Blending the Serious Matters of Economics and Politics with the Lightest Side of Life
  • Emma Sadleir
    Emma Sadleir Social Media Law Expert
  • Estienne de Beer
    Estienne de Beer Wildlife Motivational Speaker
  • Evita Bezuidenhout
    Evita Bezuidenhout SA Icon and Proudly South African Ambassador
  • Gary Kirsten
    Gary Kirsten International Cricketer and Coach, Sports Entrepreneur
  • Gerd Leonhard
    Gerd Leonhard Futuristic, Humanist, Author of Technology vs Humanity, CEO of The Futures Agency
  • Gerry Rantseli Elsdon
    Gerry Rantseli Elsdon Celebrity, Television Personality, MC, Team Building
  • Goliath Brothers
    Goliath Brothers Comedian, MC, Performer
  • Hein Wagner
    Hein Wagner A blind man with vision
  • Iman Rappetti
    Iman Rappetti Award Winning Journalist, Celebrity MC
  • Jade McDonald
    Jade McDonald Singer, Songwriter
  • Jeremy Maggs
    Jeremy Maggs South African Journalist, Radio Host and Television Presenter
  • Jo-Ann Strauss
    Jo-Ann Strauss Media Entrepreneur and International Speaker
  • Joey Rasdien
    Joey Rasdien Comedian
  • Johnny Clegg
    Johnny Clegg South African Musician and Anthropologist
  • Karima Brown
    Karima Brown Political Analyst and Commentator
  • Katlego Maboe
    Katlego Maboe Television Presenter, Singer and MC
  • Kevin Gaskell
    Kevin Gaskell Led iconic brands Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini to Success. International Corporate Trailblazer
  • Kobus Wiese
    Kobus Wiese Former South African Union Player
  • Kristel Birkholtz
    Kristel Birkholtz Entertainment, Violinist
  • Larry Soffer
    Larry Soffer Mentalist, Entertainer and MC
  • Leanne Manas
    Leanne Manas South African TV Presenter
  • Lewis Pugh
    Lewis Pugh International Inspiration, Endurance Swimmer and Advocate
  • Lira
    Lira South African Singer
  • Lloyd Cele
    Lloyd Cele South African Singer
  • Loyiso Gola
    Loyiso Gola Comedian
  • Ludwick Marishane
    Ludwick Marishane Technology, Innovation, Education and Business Entrepreneur
  • Mafikizolo
    Mafikizolo South African Musicians
  • Marc Lottering
    Marc Lottering Comedian
  • Mark Bayly
    Mark Bayly A South African Media Personality
  • Martinus van Tee
    Martinus van Tee Fosters Caricaturist in Africa
  • Martyn Davies
    Martyn Davies South African Premier Economist and Business Analyst, Commentator on Africa and it’s Relationship with the Worlds Emerging Markets
  • Max du Preez
    Max du Preez South African Journalist and Television Personality
  • Michael Mol
    Michael Mol Celebrity Doctor, MC and presenter
  • Mike Schussler
    Mike Schussler Owner of ‘Economist dot coza’ and Economic Consultancy
  • Mike Stopforth
    Mike Stopforth Entrepreneur, writer and social media guru
  • Minnie Dlamini
    Minnie Dlamini South African Television and Radio Personality and MC
  • Natalie Singer
    Natalie Singer HR and Talent Management Expert
  • Nick Binedell
    Nick Binedell Strategic Management, Planning and Leadership
  • Nik Rabinowitz
    Nik Rabinowitz South African Comedian and MC
  • Pabi Moloi
    Pabi Moloi Radio Host, Television Presenter, Celebrity and MC
  • Peter Bruce
    Peter Bruce Columinist
  • Pieter Dirk Uys
    Pieter Dirk Uys South African Satirist, Performer, Author and Social Activist
  • Prof Jonathan Jansen
    Prof Jonathan Jansen Leadership and Integrity
  • Quinton Coetzee
    Quinton Coetzee Strategy Back to Basis
  • Raymond de Villiers
    Raymond de Villiers Millennial and Generational XY & Z Expert on the Future World of Work
  • Redi Tlhabi
    Redi Tlhabi Radio and Television Journalist, Presenter and Author
  • Riaad Moosa
    Riaad Moosa The Comedy Doctor
  • Rike Coetzer
    Rike Coetzer Saxophonist
  • Sasha Martinengo
    Sasha Martinengo Radio Dj, MC and Presenter
  • Sibusiso Vilane
    Sibusiso Vilane South African Adventurer, Author and Inspirational Speaker
  • Simon Dingle
    Simon Dingle Broadcaster, Writer and Entrepreneur
  • Simon Ekin
    Simon Ekin Master of Courage and Determination
  • Simon Gear
    Simon Gear Broadcaster and Environmental Scientist, MC
  • Stephen Grootes
    Stephen Grootes Award Winning Journalist and Political Commentator
  • Supreme 3
    Supreme 3 Motown Entertainment
  • Tim Modise
    Tim Modise South African Journalist, TV and Radio Presenter
  • Tony Leon
    Tony Leon Politics, Economics, Business and Joining the Dots of an Increasingly Challenging Picture
  • Unathi Msegana
    Unathi Msegana South African Singer, Celebrity and Radio Personality

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