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EQ guru

Steph Vermeulen is a meme-buster who wrestles with the status quo to help audiences think straight. Known as an EQ guru  for almost two decades she presently is pioneering the power of Personal Intelligence (EQ + IQ) to make your people future fit now.


  • You are not your Stone Age brain
  • Memes (units of social conditioning) control you more than genes
  • Perception is faulty (always)
  • Emotions run the traffic between brain and body
  • Silencing panic and anxiety in the face of change
  • Why energy, personal power and emotions are inextricably linked

Keynote presentation include

  • Future Fit Now: Personal Intelligence for Everyone
  • Stitched-up: Who Fashions Women’s Lives?
  • Difference: What Difference? (diversity)

Who am I and what are my areas of expertise ?

Three times a published author, Steph has been an authority on emotional intelligence (EQ) for nearly two decades and takes her responsibility seriously to keep up-to-date with the latest scientific breakthroughs in fields relating to the brain and behaviour.  She addresses audiences in Southern Africa, the US, Europe, the Middle East and India.

Why are my presentations of interest or relevance to your audience?

Steph smoothes relationships and makes co-operation easier within teams.  By giving people copings skills and tools to thrive in future she frees people from the debilitating emotional baggage that makes individuals behave badly; especially when under duress.

What makes me different to other speakers?

She gets through to people; her memorable learning penetrates deeply because she upends commonly held myths that block an individual’s ability to cope with changing times.

How would I describe my delivery style as a presenter?

Steph has a reputation for pulling no punches.  She is allergic to airy-fairy- material, is a 100% jargon-free zone and her unconventional, down-to-earth, practical style is packaged with her inimitable sense of humour.

Why use me, and when should you do so?

She teaches people to maintain their sanity during changing times and makes them hungry to create their future.  If you want people to think differently, inject a dose of Steph’s inspiring energy into the minds of the audience at your next conference.  Whether leadership, sales, customer service or a women’s event, her hard-hitting message will be difficult for your team to ignore.

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