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We often look to higher authorities to learn how to solve or engage with our current challenges, when in fact the room holds the answers. The realisation that there is untapped wisdom that needs to be leveraged is masterfully brought out through Team Thinking interventions. These are crafted to inspire the room into having a focused conversation. By bringing issues into the light, a journey with hidden perils becomes a magnificent adventure where the strength and wisdom already inherent in your teams innovates, disrupts and seeks sustainable solutions through the power of team thinking.

Unique Speaker Bureau understands what the business market is asking for. Team Thinking interventions, is a valuable part that will assist you to Build a Better Conference.

90 minute interventions to compliment your event message /  key note

Driver and Visionary – BBC and Team Thinking

Michael Jackson, best known as “the change guy”. With 30 years’ experience as a business strategist and as an international keynote speaker, he is renowned for accurately predicting where future shocks to business and marketplaces will come from. His vast experience with leading global brands makes him 100% certain that every organisation has a unique passion and path and sometimes an organisation just needs a new blueprint and rules to deal with an uncertain future.

Team Thinking Architect

Bev Hancock is a Business Leadership Strategist, facilitator and inspirational speaker. She believes in the power of conversation to transform the way we live and work. Bev’s role is to co-create strategic thinking spaces and the skillset for leaders and their teams to have the conversations that release leadership potential, deepen awareness and drive bottom line growth.

Bev Hancock

Strategic BBC Advisor

With a qualification in Industrial/ Organisational Psychology, she has spent time and worked with industry leaders, innovators, international speakers, Celebrity speakers and Guru’s. Refiloe assists organisations in sourcing the most relevant and invaluable professional speakers for their programme. Using our industry knowledge, insight and relationships with a premier league of speakers, she has assisted Blue Chip companies in executing their Learning and Development strategies

BBC Champion

Ryan made his niche in change, communication and social business. He has developed keynotes, workshops and interventions which help navigate the process to new business thinking. From Sub-Saharan Africa to the Middle East and Europe some of the largest companies have engaged Ryan. He has assisted in providing insight into decoding the digital era as it relates to leadership, the workforce, customers and communications.

If you would like USB to meet with your leadership team to assist in unpacking the key issues or to ignite conversations in your organisations, talk to us.

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 Team Thinking interventions – a part of how you can build a better conference

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