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We often look to higher authorities to learn how to solve or engage with our current challenges, when in fact the room holds the answers. The realisation that there is untapped wisdom that needs to be leveraged is masterfully brought out through Team Thinking interventions. These are crafted to inspire the room into having a focused conversation. By bringing issues into the light, a journey with hidden perils becomes a magnificent adventure where the strength and wisdom already inherent in your teams innovates, disrupts and seeks sustainable solutions through the power of team thinking.

Unique Speaker Bureau understands what the business market is asking for. Team Thinking interventions, is a valuable part that will assist you to Build a Better Conference.

90 minute interventions to compliment your event message/key note

Michael Jackson 

Driver and Visionary
BBC and Team Thinking

Bev Hancock

Team Thinking Architect

Ryan Hogarth

BBC Champion

If you would like USB to meet with your leadership team to assist in unpacking the key issues or to ignite conversations in your organisations, talk to us.

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 Team Thinking Interventions – A part of how you can build a better conference

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