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Theoretical Physicist and Aspiring Extra-terrestrial

The reason I want to go to Mars is simple: The allure of the unknown is far more powerful than the comfort of the known.


Sales Ideas Specialist

Capturing The Attention Of The C-Suite


The Magic of Trust And Conversational Catalyst


Transformation Specialist:

performance catalyst: culture design: author: speaker: facilitator


Leadership Champion

Cyrus' vast sports knowledge and his interactions with numerous leaders in the business, social and sporting sphere has seen him distill the essence of leadership from some of the world’s sporting greats.


Living in Chains

Life lessons learned from a decade in prison. Namely, what a Positive Mental Attitude, the Power of Forgiveness, the value & Importance of Gratitude and what True Freedom really mean.


African Realist

An insatiable desire to see the exponential growth of Africa's greatest resource, it's people.



Business Scientist

Lessons from the present: Where to play and how to compete in the digital world
“Digital” is an over-traded topic. What makes this Keynote different?


Political Economy Analyst

Expert analyst in connecting the dots between political events and economic performance. Of the very few analysts to deliver on both political events and the economy covering not only South Africa but Africa and the World.



I'm a singer whose keynote uses my life story together with music that made me famous. I convey personal growth leadership and motivation in a dynamic and exciting package the likes of which you haven't seen or heard before.


Sieze and Ease

Harvard review states that we are bombarded with between 4000 and 24 000 brand messages a day - depending on what city you live in – welcome to The Attention Economy.


International Speaker, bestselling author, CNBC Africa Talk Show Host
Unleashing Human potential


Ability Activist

Born without arms, not without attitude! Nicky is an expert on doing MORE with less.


Tour Guide to the Future

Known for his provocative and novel predictions about the future. He however does far more than predict the future; he literally guides companies to be a pro-active agent in creating the future – a true “Tour guide to the Future”.


The Inspirational Business Strategist

How to unlock business potential through inspirational leadership




Delivers key critical messages in leadership and personal development to more than 25 000 people annually, inspiring individuals to accomplish their dreams and goals, whilst assisting businesses to charter a new and more profitable course.


Communications Guide

Believes that our ability to communicate authentically, face to face, is our greatest asset. He takes us on an interactive journey to rediscover the effectiveness (and fun) of having constructive conversations.


Strategy and Leadership Guru, expert on the future of work

South Africa’s most travelled business speaker, bringing international experience and insight to companies dealing with disruptive and exponential change. Helping you to face the future with confidence.


Customer Experience Advocate

Lynn Baker shares unique insights on how ‘Customer Experience’ can be the key point of competitive differentiation in any business.


Digital Thinking and Transformation

Ryan's presentations and interventions get audiences changing the way think so they can change what they do.


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