The Resilient Energy Center® proudly brought to you by the FAB Ladies on the 21st September.

On the 21st of September my colleague Simone De Villiers and I attended a Breakfast with Celynn Morin, Joni Peddie and Ntsiki Mkhize better known as the Resilient Energy Center®.

The discovery of neuroscience-backed tools and techniques to make the last quarter of 2017 really count.

Do you ever feel tired and drained, low on energy and unfit both physically and mentally? I know I certainly do at times and often wonder where all my childlike energy has gone. By attending the Resilient Breakfast, I learnt some important facts about my body and steps I could take to regain a balanced life again. Tips I could share with my family and friends and implement immediately.

Breathe in, Breathe out

Whilst sitting in traffic, use your energy to focus on your breathing instead of yelling at taxi’s. Just by practising deep breaths you’re able to lower stress levels, blood pressure and strengthen abdominal and intestinal muscles, which relieve general body aches and pains. Not to mention breathing aids in healthy sleeping.

Train your Monkey Brain

To understand the importance of breathing Joni referred to a video clip of a buddha explaining how to train the monkey brain (the noise of multiple voices/thoughts) Here’s the link to a 2minute clip.

 FAB Quotient

We then discovered the secrets behind being FAB which stands for Fuel + Activate + Behave. If you’re feeling tired all the time, perhaps you’re not giving your body the right “fuel”. When working in an office we tend to reach for an easy meal like a muffin or packet of chips and then suddenly our work pants don’t fit anymore, so you starve yourself and in actual fact end up doing more internal damage. If you really serious about nutrition, Celynn suggested contacting a company in Illovo that does a DNA analysis for about R4600. The results will indicate the sort of food you should be eating to give you the right form of energy suited to your DNA make up.


As great as that sounds I’ll just go the conventional route and eat like an artist – don’t you just love that expression? As a dietician Celynn advises that we fill our plates with plants and colours. Here is an example of what your plate should like- mainly fruit and veg which is the majority of colour. 1/3 for starch and the other for protein food


Being brain fit involves neuroscience. How often do you wish you could find the time and energy to get to the gym? Well here’s your solution- buy a small trampoline, whilst on break bounce for just 2 minutes. This offers equivalent physiological benefits of 6 minutes running, 10 minutes swimming and 22 minutes of walking. Can you believe it?

NASA confirms it “rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise devised by man”. Your oxygen uptake is significantly greater than running (by up to 68%). Resisting gravity creates…speedy body shaping, efficient weight control, flushing out your lymphatic system (to boost immunity and energy levels) a whole-body exercise where EVERY cell is rejuvenated. I couldn’t believe it and even more excited to tell Paul it’s time to invest in trampolines for our office.


In order to live a well-balanced life there are various dimensions that need attention. Basically, it’s all about investing in the different areas of our lives. Such as, Fun and Games- when last did you take the time to have fun or play some games? Not necessarily a board game but a fun activity or adventure. Food for the soul!!! Others include friends, family, health, career, finances and romance. Most of us focus on money and our career and forget about the other stuff which does contribute to our overall health and wellness. If we don’t we wonder why we get heart attacks, feel alone or end up divorced.


Ntsiki explained that if you’d like to grow on one or more of these dimensions – you will need to use the technique called B = mat. In other words, behaviour involves your motivators, ability factors and triggers.
Take a trigger and associate it with the ability to make a new habit. Here is an example: drink water so you go to the toilet more and once you flush do 20 squats. By the end of the day you could end up doing 100 squats. Now that’s one way to develop a new habit!

Being resilient means having the ability to bounce back from what affects us

during the day. Without this build-up of resilience, we begin living a rushed,busy and overwhelming life.

By working on the quadrants, using the 3 dimensions and taking time for yourself to grow and develop as a person and not the title you hold, you begin living a better quality of life.

Thank you to the FAB ladies for always taking the time to let the USB team know how we can maintain our energy levels and sustain our productivity levels. What would we do without you FABULOUS WOMEN!

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