If the thought of yet another conference or meeting fills you with an overwhelming sense of tiredness. If you are juggling your diary, getting stuck in airports with delayed flights and lost luggage only to get stuck in traffic to attend a meeting that is as interesting as watching paint dry – then you need #FRESH.

The FRESH Conference is redefining the global conferencing and meeting space by providing a platform to innovate, debate, interact, experiment and co-create meeting formats, techniques, tools and technology. And USB is proud not only to host the first South African Hub, but to provide two of the global speakers for the event.

Michael Jackson is making an impact in the conference industry that goes far beyond delivering a sensational Change keynote. He has used his experience in over 2700 conferences to invest back into the industry. He is the visionary behind the Building Better Conference strategy, has written extensively on how to do better business in the eventing industry and has reimagined the conference day with his clients with innovative interactive team thinking workshops, on-stage facilitation and conference TV.

Bev Hancock is USB’s Buid a Better Conference champion and the architect of Team Thinking interventions that is taking the monologue off the stage into dialogue and interaction in the room. She will be sharing the results of her Master’s research on building relationships and interaction online using video, voice and text to get the best results.

At FRESH you will discover how to:

• Disrupt old methods of conferencing
• Hold shorter, more concise and thought-provoking presentations
• Get facilitators to encourage and manage interaction
• Transform the conference programme and initiate participant dialogue
• Implement tangible tools and technology to enable real time feedback
• Co-create a new meeting design at this global forum
• Share the combined knowledge and insights with industry leaders globally

The world as we know it is changing. Time is money and utilizing cost effective technology to meet, connect and interact is the wave of the future. The Multi-Hub approach used by Fresh will give you the best of an online and face-to-face experience – so come and join us for this great event.

USB, Your Partner to Build a Better Conference:

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