The Strategist: Reimagining Strategy Formulation and Innovation

Global Futurist | Disruptor | Business School Faculty | Board Member | CEO | Strategist

Abdullah serves as the CEO of The Strategists where he plays an active role in assisting companies and organizations craft competitive future strategies. He has significant expertise in strategy, competitiveness and sector trends and facilitates a number of high level strategy sessions and breakaways for companies and governments and also speaks globally in this area. He led the team that crafted the 2017 – 2030 Gauteng
Economic Development Strategy with the Premier and Executive Council. He also led the 2017 Mauritius Competitiveness foresight strategy, He also plays a lead role on the Oxford University and Gates Foundation programme on South Africa in a Digital Age.

Having presented and consulted in over 60 cities globally Abdullah has been recognized as a leading speaker, disruptor, strategist and thought leader on competitiveness and the interplay between strategy and disruptive innovation. His experience make him a sought after global speaker in these areas. In December 2017 Abdullah received a standing ovation at the acclaimed TEDx Euston in London. Abdullah was also asked to be the keynote speaker at the 2018 World Speech Day.

Abdullah has built a number of disruptive and truly innovative companies. He is thus able to fuse experience, insight, strategy and expertise into a beautiful tapestry that has relevance and application to companies and organizations around the world.

  1. Reset, Rewire and Reimagine Everything
  2. Disruption, disintermediation and digital: Engaging the future
  3. Reimagine everything: Innovation, creativity and the art of exponentiality
  4. Making sense of the noise: The hashtags that will shift our year and the so what and now what. A powerful look at the political, socio-economic, technological and business trends that will impact our year and beyond
  5. Thinking exponentially – Building the mindset that will get you to navigate an exponential world
  6. Beyond the headlines: A real view on South Africa
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