The Strategist: Reimagining Strategy Formulation and Innovation

Global Futurist | Disruptor | Business School Faculty | Board Member | CEO | Strategist

Step into a world of unprecedented transformation and brace yourself for a riveting journey! Welcome to the realm of Abdullah Verachia, a visionary speaker, strategist, and disruptor extraordinaire. With his powerful insights, he unravels the very fabric of the changing world, taking you on a mind-bending odyssey that transcends boundaries.

The future is no longer a distant horizon; it’s here, it’s now, and it’s spinning on a new AXIS! Abdullah Verachia is your guide, ready to RESET the present and REWIRE the future. In this era of relentless disruption, he dares you to embrace change and THRIVE amid the chaos.

Venturing deep into the realms of economics, politics, competition, and society, Abdullah Verachia unveils the disruption and MEGA-SHIFTS reshaping our destiny. Curating industry-specific trends, he paints a vivid picture of what awaits us on the journey to 2025 and beyond.

But beware, the rules are changing, and SECTOR FLUIDITY demands adaptability and foresight. Who are your REAL competitors? Abdullah Verachia’s razor-sharp analysis unveils the hidden forces that shape your landscape and empowers you to rise above the rest.

Drawing on his vast experience in guiding the most senior teams from global firms and governments, Abdullah weaves together PRACTICE, EDUCATION, EMPATHY, and INSIGHT into a formidable tapestry of value. As the mastermind behind The Strategists, a premier strategy and advisory firm, he crafts competitive future strategies for organizations worldwide.

 And that’s not all! Abdullah Verachia wears multiple hats, with one as Head of faculty for strategy and marketing at GIBS and also Director of the Harvard Senior Executive programme for Africa and also his role on numerous boards, This multifaceted brilliance means his talks are not just captivating but grounded in DEEP INSIGHT and DEEP WORK.

Get ready to embrace CHANGE, to be RELEVANT, to be COMPETITIVE, and most importantly, to THRIVE. Abdullah Verachia will take you on an unparalleled journey through the winds of transformation, leaving you equipped with the tools to navigate this new world.

So buckle up, as you’re about to embark on an extraordinary adventure with Abdullah Verachia – a trailblazer who will reshape your perspective, challenge your assumptions, and inspire you to conquer the uncharted territories of the future. The NOW is calling, and the NEXT awaits your embrace!

  1. Reset, Rewire and Reimagine Everything
  2. Disruption, disintermediation and digital: Engaging the future
  3. Reimagine everything: Innovation, creativity and the art of exponentiality
  4. Making sense of the noise: The hashtags that will shift our year and the so what and now what. A powerful look at the political, socio-economic, technological and business trends that will impact our year and beyond
  5. Thinking exponentially – Building the mindset that will get you to navigate an exponential world
  6. Beyond the headlines: A real view on South Africa
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