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Global Futurist | Disruptor | Business School Faculty | Board Member | CEO | Strategist

Abdullah serves as the CEO of The Strategists where he leads a world class team that play an active role in assisting companies and organisations craft competitive future strategies and innovation. He is also senior faculty at GIBS, head of faculty for strategy, sustainability and digital and head of the Harvard Business School Senior Executive Programme for Africa

Abdullah Verachia is a highly regarded and sought after global strategist and advisor known for his expertise in helping companies navigate complexity, disruption, and change. With significant expertise in strategy, innovation, and disruption, Abdullah facilitates numerous high-level strategy sessions and breakaways for companies and governments, and is an authoritative speaker on the world stage regarding these matters.

He has served in senior executive and board roles, led teams that have crafted competitive strategies for some of the leading companies globally, lectured at some of the top business schools, and also co-founded several disruptive companies


Global Strategist And Management Consultant

Abdullah is recognized for crafting competitive strategies and guiding organizations through complex landscapes and turbulent environments. He has led over 300 strategy assignments for leading companies globally. His work as a strategy facilitator is widely sought after by companies worldwide. Abdullah led the team that crafted the 2017-2030 Gauteng Economic Development Strategy in association with the province’s Premier and Executive Council. He also led the 2017 Mauritius Competitiveness foresight strategy and continues to play a vital role in the Oxford University and Gates Foundation program on South Africa in a Digital Age. He also leads Bespoke Immersions, a division of The Strategists that designs, curates and executes over 50 magical international executive experiences per year across the world

Expert In Navigating Turbulence And Change

Abdullah serves as the lead strategy advisor for a number of global firms including global firms in financial services, retail, FMCG, telco, mining and commodities. In a turbulent world, his work and guidance are seen as critical in helping organizations navigate the now and the next and in turning turbulence into opportunity.

Leading Academic

Abdullah holds significant positions in academia, including Head of Faculty for Strategy, Sustainability, and Digital at GIBS and also Director of the Harvard Business School Senior Executive Programme for Africa. He has also designed, curated and led a number of award winning executive courses including the LaLiga GIBS EDP, The Djondo Fellowship, The GE Crotonville Fellows programme and The Silicon Valley Chief Digital Officers programme.

Abdullah is an HBS alumnus and is currently completing his Ph.D. in strategy and dynamic capabilities. His teaching excellence is complemented by contributions to seminal works, including his best-selling book “Disruption Amplified: Reset, Rewire, Reimagine Everything.”

Successful Entrepreneur 

Abdullah’s practical entrepreneurship complements his theoretical acumen. He has co-founded and successfully run several disruptive companies, thus allowing him to bring practical insights to his strategic advisory work. He co-founded iCar Technologies and Digicars – a disruptor in the motor industry with industry firsts in the areas of robotics, AR/VR as well as numerous dealer of the year awards. He also co-founded Frontier Advisory, a leading consulting and advisory firm that was acquired by Deloitte.

He also co-founded The Collective Genius, a leading educational and youth consultancy that impacted over 1 million youth through deeply impactful CSR programmes. He is the founder and CEO of The Strategists and Bespoke Immersions, two firms that have had a deep impact in the areas of strategy, innovation and international learning.

Board And Advisory Roles

Abdullah holds a number of leading board roles. His multifaceted work at the most senior levels of companies around the world makes him of immense value to boards of companies. He currently serves on the board of General Electric in Africa, iCar Technologies, as Chairperson of Education Africa, and as a member of the Sibanye Social Advisory Panel. He previously served on the boards of Twizza, FirstRand India, The University of Pretoria’s think tank on the future of work, The Youth Employment Service Brains Trust, advisor to the OECD, and Chairperson of the South African Model United Nations.

He served as Director and -Co-Founder at Frontier Advisory (acquired by Deloitte) as well as Executive: International at Rand Merchant Bank. Abdullah was also asked by the Minister of Trade and Industry to be a judge on the South African Premier Business Awards and is also on the adjudication panel for the CHRO of the year award.

Recognition Globally

Abdullah’s work has been recognized globally. He has won several awards for excellence in teaching at GIBS. He is also the recipient of the Harvard Business School Dean’s scholarship for leadership and innovation and was selected for the Brightest Young Minds in South Africa. In 2024 Abdullah was recognized as one of the most influential business leaders to follow in the world.

Sought After Global Speaker

Abdullah’s work in strategy at a senior level makes him a highly sought-after global speaker. He has presented in over 70 cities globally, including having spoken at the OECD in Paris, The School of Public and International Affairs at Columbia University in New York, Casa Asia in Madrid, serving as the keynote speaker at the World Speech Day, and receiving a standing ovation at the acclaimed TEDx Euston in London.

Abdullah Verachia’s extensive experience and foresight deliver unparalleled value, guiding global entities to not only meet but shape the future of business. His guidance is indispensable for those who aspire to lead in an ever-evolving global landscape

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