With over 15 years experience, Alishia Seckam is a skilled financial journalist, broadcast anchor, moderator, MC and media trainer.

MC | Panel

Alishia has a sound grasp of financial markets, economic data, company news and current affairs issues and the impact it all has on doing business and investing in SA, and the investment landscape at large. This comes to the fore in her conversations some of the most influential personalities, thought and industry leaders, CEOs and political leaders; where she delves into the finer detail of the stories making business news headlines. In addition, she regularly engages industry and markets analysts, looking at both global and local forces impacting activity on the JSE, to help viewers make more informed investment decisions.

Spanning an over 15 year career, she has gained a wealth of experience in financial journalism and she brings this experience to the table when she serves as a Moderator and Programme Director, on behalf of corporates across industries.

Alishia holds a Bachelor of Journalism Degree from Rhodes University. And has completed internships at Talk Radio 702, Rapid Blue, and CNN International.

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