A Born Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of Mars One

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Bas Lansdorp is a born entrepreneur with a passion for ambitious projects. He is co-founder and CEO of Mars One, the Dutch foundation that aims to land the first humans on Mars in 2032. One of the reasons for the success of Mars One is Lansdorp’s enthusiasm, which he transfers to any audience in a contagious way.

In his keynote, Bas Lansdorp presents the why of Mars exploration and the how of the Mars One’s mission is feasible because it is a mission of permanent settlement, there is no return trip. He also explains the business model for a manned mission to Mars and the complexities of finding a crew of four that can actually leave their friends, family and planet behind for their ultimate dream: settling on Mars. Finally, Lansdorp will discuss why he founded a company that tries to achieve the proverbial impossible human mission to Mars.

Mars One has a renowned advisory board including a former NASA Chief Technologist, an astronaut, and a Nobel prize laureate. With several completed feasibility studies by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company and Paragon Space Development Corporation, Mars One Foundation has built a firm basis on which to continue its mission. Mars One has signed an agreement to list at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, through a reverse takeover in which Mars One is valued at 87 million euro.


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