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Bev is a conference professional who demonstrates the transformative power of Leading through Conversation.  She will show your audience how to excite your teams and customers through  the science and magic of effective conversations.  As a conference facilitator and inspirational keynote speaker, she is changing the face of conferencing by tapping into the expertise in the audience, creating interaction and extending the value of your event before, during and after the conference.  Audience are loving the interactive energy in the room and providing valuable data for post-conference.

Bev designs and facilitates the vital conversations that create real impact in 2020.   At your next event, stimulate purpose driven leadership with inclusive and engaged teams who are driving your innovation and customer experience strategy.  If you want to see tangible results from your conference or learning experience, then work with Bev on stage, at work and online to give you the complete experience.

“Bev has an amazing energy and the ability to connect people, and bring out the best in them. You brought our vision to life. As a facilitator of our panel discussion you brought a thought-provoking and inspiring dialogue with our other speakers which our audience enjoyed. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”  Awanda Dlamini, Independent Media

Keynote Topics

Conversational Magic

Don’t we all need just a little but of magic?  Conversational Magic show you how you can use every communication touchpoint in your business to transform your employee and customer experience through the science and magic of conversation.  Conversational Intelligence is the transformative leadership skill to thrive in the future world of work.  It builds trust, accountability, agility, innovation and collaboration  – all the ingredients you need to build loyalty, retention and sustainable success in a purpose drive business.

#NoMoreBoxes – Out of the Box into the Human Space

What if we meet each other in our full and glorious humanity, where we fully embrace our own African solution of UBUNTU.  When we are born we are assigned a race, gender, culture, national identity, sexual orientation.  We start work and are assigned a professional identity.  We spend the rest of our lives representing the labels and stereotypes associated with these boxes.  Where we a stronger together when we have the honest and courageous conversation that unpack these boxes and allow us to own our unique identity.  Where these labels become descriptors rather than definers of who we are.

The Dance of Leadership

Leading in the future world of work needs conscious leaders who can dance with purpose and agility in response to the fast changing and complex world of work.   Leadership is evolving and needs to become lighter, more agile and responsive if we are to lead effectively into the future.  Learning to dance as a leader embraces the best of traditional and future leadership.  If the weight and responsibility of leadership is feeling heaving, the transform your mindset and learn to dance.

  • Event Facilitation to create delegate interaction and surface the wisdom in the room
  • Strategic Facilitation of team conversations to unlock strategy, vision, culture and team performance

MasterClass Topics

  • Finding Flow: Mastering your Inner Conversation
  • Nine Conversations of Leadership
  • Leading the Customer Experience
  • The Psychology of Sales – Sales Conversations for the Future World of Work
  • Leader as Coach
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