Inspirational thought leader on Culture and Diversity

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Buhle Dlamini is an internationally acclaimed speaker, with an incredible story from humble beginnings in rural KZN to being a successful entrepreneur, movie maker, author and a global authority on leadership, diversity and inclusion. Bringing over 15 years of experience speaking on four continents to some of the most recognizable brands in any industry. Based in Canada and South Africa he’s a sought after speaker globally and in the USA where he is an associate with the Cultural Intelligence Center in Michigan.

Buhle helps organisations to unleash greatness in their leadership, organisational culture and also leverage diversity with his unforgettable humour, story-telling, and impeccable business acumen. He weaves his personal story of success over adversity in all his presentations connecting with audiences at a personal and professional level.

Buhle was outstanding! He was a delight to work with and just an engaging, inspiring, authentic individual which totally came through in his keynote.”  Suzanne Rider, City of Kitchener, Ontario Canada.


  • Unleashing Your Greatness
  • Leading Difference Differently
  • Tomorrow’s World Today


  • Creating an Inclusive Culture (Leveraging Diversity)

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