01 Conference Conceptualisation 

This is a pre-conference consultation (free service) where a sales agent and speaker/s (BBC Champion) will meet with you and your event co-ordinator to discuss the planning, agenda timing, theme, networking and message.

Strategically working with your team to plan your conference instead of simply plugging in as a speaker delivery service.

02 No More Death by PowerPoint 

Preparing your internal presenters to maximise the quality and impact of their message by offering presentation skills training, image consulting and coaching.

03 Industry Leading Global Speakers and Topics

In order to maximise engagement during the conference it is essential to use different communication methods such as keynote presentations, on stage interviews and workshops.

04 Team Thinking Sessions/Breakaways

Turn the lights down on the stage and bring them up in the auditorium for conversation of impact. Each activation is customised as part of the BBC pre-briefing conversation (Conference Conceptualisation) Creating dialogue and not monologue, getting away from the data dump, a room that comes to life as an interactive experience.

To hear the voice of experience and to capture the coffee corner conversation (where people tell you what they REALLY think) Ultimately igniting collaboration and engagement, vision alignment, acceptance and celebration of change and feedback for strategy and decision making.

USB will meet with your leadership team to maximise the strategic value of the conversation in the room and to help you build a better conference.

05 Engaging eMCees

Incorporating Emcees or programme directors as facilitators to build and maintain delegate engagement throughout the conference. Ultimately gluing your events together properly.

06 Conference Television

UZI Rapid Fire Films is a proud partner of USB in creating Conference TV – an innovative way of preserving and broadcasting the key messages for your conference. A pop-up TV studio is set up at the conference for interviews with C-level executives as well as delegates and other key attendees. Conference TV also includes live streaming across social media and IT websites for your event.

This is a mixture of studio interviews and keynote presentations that allows delegates who were unable to attend to plug in and be part of your conference digitally. By interacting with social media these remote delegates can submit questions to interviewer in order for them to be part of the conversation. A roaming camera is also used for live interviews on the exhibition floor- which really allows you to tap into the energy on the floor and get to know the faces of those on and off stage.

07 Post Event Interactions

Sustain the message of the conference by offering ready-made packages built specifically for the conferencing industry. These packages are designed to get the most out of a conference in terms of preserving the key messages. The packages can also be customized and adapted to meet bespoke needs of a conference. The objective is to produce a series of short punchy content focused videos that allows staff and others to be remined of or exposed to the key messages of the conference.

These are then packaged for the client’s website or social media distribution. This is in addition to the packaging of the full sessions of the conference. Capture the entire event on film, giving your company the opportunity to create a highlights package which can be played back to delegates who were perhaps unable to attend or simply to reinforce the message for those who were there – a post event package.

Allow us to partner with you to Build a Better Conference (BBC) by aligning your conference with your strategic vision.

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