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Celynn Morin is a registered dietitian and full time professional speaker and corporate wellbeing consultant. She has been awarded the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association of the United States. She has also received the accolade of ‘Outperforming Speaker’ in 2018 by Vistage UK. Celynn has co-authored two books and has developed various science-backed frameworks such as Performance Chemistry™, Wellculator™ and the FAB Quotient™. Her strength is creating awareness and igniting better lifestyle choices that help individuals and teams stay resilient and sustain high performance. She brings energy, inspiration and practical ideas to an audience whether there are 10 or 10000 in attendance.

Wellness is paramount in the future of work. The truth is that the global workforce is unwell, and we cannot afford it. The annual economic cost of sickness, absence and worklessness are estimated to be over £100 billion per annum. This is greater than the current annual budget for the NHS. The following themes can be presented as a keynote, workshop or a masterclass. Celynn’s presentation style is science backed, practical and interactive. Each theme has a series of activities to avoid cognitive overload, ensuring engagement and participation.

Performance Chemistry™ – How to be your own CEO (Chief Energy Officer) and mobilise all levels of energy on demand so that you sustain high performance and wellbeing.

Wellculator™ – A back-to-basics, simple framework for optimal health and happiness including embodiment practices for better work life balance and performance. (Ideal for half day or full day workshops)

FAB Quotient™ – How to Fuel, Activate and Behave to manage energy, improve brain fitness and enhance resiliency.

HEALTH4Wealth – The vital 6 steps to leverage health for wealth: Hormone Harmony; Energy; Activation; Lead self; Thought through and Happiness.

Champagne Campaign – Sensual living with flair to create work life integration and to discover your raison d’être


  • Performance Chemistry™
  • Wellculator™
  • FAB Quotient™
  • HEALTH4Wealth
  • Champagne Campaign


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