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Speaker Charissa Bloomberg is a Radio & TV Celebrity Psychologist and renowned Integrity Leadership specialist, accredited Emotional Intelligence facilitator, thought leader and international speaker. With a Masters in Psychology (UCT Cum Laude), as well as a Psychodrama and Group Dynamics qualification from Oxford University (UK), where she studied Psychodrama and role play, she is also a qualified Drama and Communications teacher from Trinity College in London. She brings 25 years of extensive international experience in motivational speaking, corporate consulting, mentoring, training and facilitation in all areas relating to organizational behaviour, leadership. She has participated in several international conferences, been a guest on TV and many numerous radio shows, and spoken at many keynote speaking events. Charissa is the “relationship expert” on a very well-known morning TV show in South Africa called the Expresso breakfast show. Her multi-faceted expertise also includes having had her own private practice, written various research papers and magazine articles (that were published), and had several TV, radio and talk engagements over the last 20 years. Charissa has spoken at conferences around the world, and lectured at numerous universities in South Africa. After consulting in various institutions and working closely with teams, Charissa realised that although organisations have Integrity as their core value, many employees do not understand what it means to apply this value in their everyday life. Charissa extensively researched this topic to see if it can be trained and has consequently written her own training course, developed material and has been very popular giving talks on Radio and TV on developing Integrity. She facilitates the development of leadership internationally. As such, has recently decided to leverage her extensive knowledge and networks to focus on empowering the corporate world and youth to revisit the way we conduct ourselves in our everyday life. Charissa uses her large media network coverage to educate, inspire and uplift, on a large-scale forum and uses humour, honesty and shares her own experiences as examples.

Topics: Integrity (all aspects, integrity in business, brand integrity, self-integrity, business and corporate integrity, the integrity code, the cost of an integrity lapse, integrity for stakeholders and all levels), mental health (resilience, adrenal fatigue, mind power, motivation, power of thoughts, self-care for medical and health professionals and more)! 4 Keynote titles and summaries. I have only included 4 below, I have many and can provide more on request, thank you

1.The Integrity Code Raising the integrity meter. Having your own personal code to live by is crucial in today’s market. Because integrity is such a rare commodity, when you have it, you will be sought after. People will want to do business with you, you will get the promotion and stakeholders will invest.

Audience takeaways:

  • Discover the power of practicing integrity with these few tips.
  • Learn how to build trust and credibility in your network
  • Walk away with knowledge to apply immediately
  1. The psychosocial cost and symptoms of low integrity in the workplace

The repercussions of low integrity are damaging and far-reaching. Organizations that are perceived by their employees to have low integrity garner feelings of resentment and experience high employee turnover. Staff, if they are of good calibre, are likely to find another job, leaving the organization with ‘dead wood’. These days, the immediacy of social media spells certain doom for organizations whose customers perceive them to have low integrity.

Audience takeaways:

  • Understand the impact on staff (how negatively spreads like a virus) and ways to deal with it
  • How to implement strategies to build an integrity culture
  • Learn what you can do immediately to affect change
  1. What is the cost of an integrity lapse? When an organizations reputation is damaged, it’s almost irrevocable. With the ongoing rise of corruption, comes the greater need for transparency and integrity practices. A reputation takes years to build, but can be easily lost; Once trust and credibility is lost, it’s a long road to recovery. So what really happens in organizations when an employee or leader has an integrity lapse by not acting with integrity?

Audience takeaways:

  • How to make the right choice, instant gratification and greed versus doing the right thing
  • Dealing with shame and guilt if we make wrong choices
  • How to recover and move forward from an integrity lapse?
  • Learn how to impart integrity conscious skills and build resilience to temptations

4.The Power of Business Integrity What is the one thing that we want from people we do business with? To trust them. What is the one thing that’s lacking today? Trust and that is part of integrity. People often refer to the “structural integrity of buildings”. This refers to the safety or reliability of the building. Nobody would work inside a building that was not structurally safe, but millions of people work in companies that have no certification of assurance of the integrity of their people. The organizations success depends on the integrity of its leaders.

Audience takeaways:

  • Learn how to define a culture of integrity
  • Understand consequences when integrity is not practiced
  • Tips on how to set integrity as a fundamental cornerstone of the business

Key clients: USA, The Knot Worldwide. USA. Parliament in South Africa, Cape Town, ACFE (Association of certified fraud Examiner), Lucara Diamonds Botswana (Mining Company), Adcock Ingram, Netcare, Pharma Dynamics, Interslab, Universities in South Africa, Mining and Construction industry, Greyvenstiens Attorneys, Spar (retail store company), many panel discussions, key note speaker at conferences, TV and radio guest speaker.

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