Organisational Culture and Employee Engagement- How to Build A Happy Sandpit

Keynote | Learning & Development

Happy Sandpit is the brain child of Colin J. Browne, an organisational culture and employee engagement expert. Universally known as “The Culture Guy”, Colin helps companies increase employee engagement, performance and loyalty.

He is the author of How to Build a Happy Sandpit. A ground-breaking book based on several years of research with more than 60 South African businesses. This book covers all aspects of how their cultures drive their success.

Colin has lectured at GIBS, Wits Business School, Regenesys Business School and Unisa. He has worked with hundreds of South African businesses to understand and implement better engagement techniques.

Colin delivers keynote talks and powerful workshops; each aimed at identifying and overcoming particular organisational challenges. He focuses on the six key areas that define a better engaged organisation:

  •  A willingness to extend TRUST
  • The de-emphasis of HIERARCHY
  • Respect for the TWO-WAY STREET
  • An obsession with VALUES
  • The ability to HIRE for culture fit.

Each talk and workshop are backed by case studies of African organisations. Companies that have excelled in these areas.

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