Seth Godin said, “Content marketing is the only
form of marketing left”. Content educates your
audience, builds trust with your customers and
improves retention of messages.


In today’s content-driven world, all businesses
should be looking for ways to create original
content. A conference is a perfect platform to
do this.


The key to a successful campaign is to make
sure there is a content plan in place. It
should cover the messaging and distribution
of the content.


We take the headache out of managing a video
crew and the production process. A pre-event
meeting clarifies the essential details we need to
produce your content.


A two camera set-up is used to capture
presentations, interviews and other content. We
shoot according to the cotennt plan laid out in the
briefing meeting.


Conference TV will produce 30-45 minutes of high
quality; Highlights, Interviews, Keynote Segments, Social media snippets.



We provide you with a content plan for distributing the content in the most effective manner. The plan is based on the audience requirements and includes distribution across multiple platforms.

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