Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Filmmaker, producer and businesswoman, Forbes Africa Icon


Connie Ferguson and her career are nothing short of legendary. She is a leader and pioneer in communities across the country.

Well known in South African homes, being part of South Africa’s favourite family and with more than 20 years of entertainment to her name, it’s clear that Connie Ferguson will entrench her legacy wherever she steps foot. On our screens since 1994, Connie has mastered the art of transcending generational gaps. Whether it’s your 80 year old grandfather or 9 year old niece, chances are that they know Connie.

As an award-winning actress, entrepreneur, health ambassador, and advocate on women’s issues, she is respected in many industries. This has given her the credit to be an exceptional motivational speaker and M.C. for everything from business events to beauty pageants.

Her acting and producing has added overwhelming value to the likes of Generations, The Queen and Rockville just to name a few. With combined viewerships of over 10 million, Connie’s face is recognised across the country. She’s also appeared on many magazine covers including True Love, Ebony, and Tribute.

From Ellerines to Black Like Me, Connie has starred in advertisements for South Africa’s favourite brands for years. As an ambassador for Garnier and owner of her own body care products, she understands the reliability and dedication needed to carry and represent large brands on such a national scale.

With almost half a million followers on Twitter and Instagram, Connie is one of the most followed South African celebrities across social channels.

As such, Connie’s style, influence and business savvy lends her to a wide variety of audiences and makes her a sensational guest or host for TV shows, high-end events, award ceremonies on a national level and motivational speaking. With a high recognition and respect among men, women, old and young, her appeal spans across most platforms.

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