The Analogy of Leadership and Teams through our Sporting Icons

MC | Keynote | Programme Director

Cyrus Rogers talks about a chaotic and ever-changing world, uncertainty and poor decision-making have led markets to tumble and fear to take hold. People are searching for the right individuals to take the lead and help bring stability and success to their professional and personal lives. There are numerous lessons to be learned from the billion-dollar sports industry and the people who thrive in it. Getting to the top isn’t easy, staying at the top is even harder.

Cyrus Rogers’ presentation, ‘Leading in the Winner’s Circle’ distils the essence of leadership and success from some of the greats from the sporting world. His remarkable knowledge of various sporting codes and his interactions with numerous leaders in the business, social and sports spheres has led to the crafting of a talk that gets to the heart of what being a true leader is and what is required for prolonged professional and personal success.

“Cyrus was very professional and despite the highly emotive event, he kept it all together”  Alice Ceronie, Events and Sponsorship, Pick n Pay

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