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Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane have proven themselves to be far more than platinum selling and award-winning artists. The uber creative and innovative duo have used their celebrity status to create one of South Africa’s most dynamic social cohesion initiatives SHOUT for A Safer South Africa. Now ten years on SHOUT (which began by bringing the country’s top influencers together for for a song) have donated tens of millions to crime prevention, education and welfare. A deep sense of patriotism and social responsibility drives Danny and Kabelo in everything they do. They are the epitome of what the modern thinking, optimistic and committed South African citizen should be.

20 years of working together have brought Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane to this moment. A piece of work centered around diversity, unconscious bias, privilege, and ultimately accessing the humanity that lives inside us all. Their research will assist in addressing the very real wounds of the past with tools and insights to create better functioning companies and South Africans. The brand-new keynote will leave you inspired and challenged to achieve your maximum potential.

We focus on:
• Stereotypes and Stereotype Threats
• Unconscious Bias – breaking the minds fast track
• Privilege – more than skin deep
• Teamwork
• Humanity

Identifying real issues and providing human solutions for companies of today who share our vision of tomorrow.

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