One of Africa’s most popular keynote speakers on a range of topics, related to leadership and digital innovation


AI Thought Leader, Advisor and Keynote Speaker

Dean Furman is one of Africa’s most popular keynote speakers on a range of topics, related to leadership and digital innovation. He is a renowned AI thought leader and has captivated audiences worldwide with his dynamic and transformative talks. Dean stands out as an exceptional speaker with his rare talent for blending humour with awe-inspiring examples of cutting-edge technologies, making his presentations irresistibly engaging for any audience. He possesses a keen understanding of the contemporary audience’s shorter attention spans, and skilfully addresses this by intertwining inspiration, entertainment, and education in a seamless and captivating manner. His approach ensures that every talk is not just informative, but also a delightful and memorable experience, leaving attendees both enlightened and thoroughly entertained.

As the CEO and founder of 1064 Degrees, a trailblazing consulting and training firm, he has been instrumental in steering numerous top-tier companies across the continent towards ground-breaking innovation and substantial growth. Dean’s contributions to AI education are equally remarkable, having designed immersive AI experiences that have enlightened tens of thousands of people within various organizations. His pioneering approach, especially his unique game-based AI sessions, has garnered international acclaim, being adopted by leading training companies across the US, UK, Australia, and Israel. Prepare to be inspired and educated by a true icon of digital innovation and AI expertise.


Dean is also the author of a ground-breaking book, called ‘Exponential Potential.’ This riveting read is more than just a guide; it’s a journey through the multifaceted landscape of modern entrepreneurship and digital innovation. ‘Exponential Potential’ is not just a book; it’s a blueprint for success in the digital age, crafted by one of the most insightful minds in the industry.”

Prior to founding 1064 Degrees:

Prior to founding 1064 Degrees in 2017, Dean was the head of Digital Innovation Skunkworks, Innoruption Holdings, backed by the Alex Forbes Group. His exceptional achievements in this endeavour earned him a coveted recognition by the Mail & Guardian as one of South Africa’s top young visionaries under 35. But Dean’s journey began much earlier, as he laid the foundations of his expertise heading up product development and innovation at Alex Forbes, setting the stage for a career marked by ground-breaking contributions and visionary leadership.


With a solid foundation as a qualified actuary, he transcends the traditional boundaries of the profession, bringing a unique blend of creativity and innovation to the forefront. Dean’s exceptional talents were evident from the onset of his career, as he twice clinched the prestigious annual award for top innovation among actuaries at Discovery.

Companies that have experienced Dean’s talks include:

FNB, RMB, Investec, Standard Bank, Absa, Nedbank, MTN, Nestle, Massmart, YPO, SAICA, Iress, Huawei, Mercer, Marsh & McClennan, Cash Converters, YPO, SAICA, Legalwise, Sanlam, Old Mutual, Santam, AlexForbes, PPS, SMD Technologies, Bidvest Bank, Motus, Pack n Stack, Makosi, Nando’s and many more.

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