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The son of Jamaican immigrants, Derek was born in Birmingham. His mother’s death when he was 13, plunged him into the world of a stutterer. However, he has now spoken and delivered his keynote on 4 continents. He has worked with a number of FTSE100 companies, business owners, entrepreneurs and global organisations.

Derek is the author of ‘The 10 Second Philosophy®’ published by Hay House. He is the creator and power behind, through which he shares his philosophy of living by Daily Standards for those who have set goals and not achieved them.

Derek’s unique philosophy, practices and approach have led him to become:

  • An expert in ‘THINK’ the Movie based on the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (the bestselling entrepreneurship book of all time)
  • A Coach to Entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires
  • An Ambassador for Justice & Care – a charity that combats slavery and sex trafficking
  • A Fellow of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award
  • A Fellow of the British American Project
  • An Award-Winning Film Producer
  • A Wealth Management Expert
  • Recently knighted as a Sir of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen

“Derek Mills is one of the most engaging, authentic speakers I have ever heard. His stage presence is outstanding and it allows you to connect with him in a way that you don’t with other speakers. His story and the content that he shares is totally unique.” Shaa Wasmund MBE, #1 bestselling author of ‘Stop Talking, Start Doing’ and ‘Do Less, Get More’


  • DailyStandards® for Business Success
  • The Missing-Link to Success with Your Business Goals
  • Why Goal-Setting alone Doesn’t Work; How to use Daily Standards to support them
  • ABC&C™ of Success in Selling
  • Selling in the 21st Century
  • INSIGHT-Authentic Selling for Success
  • The Art of Being Happy and Successful
  • Motivating You for Success
  • Inspiration and Authenticity for Life
  • Multiplying Business Results

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