High Altitude Mountaineer and Motivational Speaker

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Deshun Deysel assists companies in the areas of leadership, envisioning, efficacy, goal-setting, motivation, diversity and organizational culture.

As a high altitude mountaineer, Deshun has climbed to 8300m on Mount Everest (8850m) and is training at the moment to fulfill her childhood dream in reaching the top.

Today, she sees climbing mountains as a metaphor for making the impossible possible, as a result of her acheivements Deshun believes that this philosophy of mountain-climbing is very relevant to Africa and uses it as a lesson to help individuals to overcome some of the adversity they may face as people and nations.

Having put cognitive/behavioural theory to work in her own life [combined with more than a decades worth of research in her client base] Deshun created a unique tool to assist individuals in making the connection between effective thinking and effective doing. The Peak Performance Toolkit™ Coaching System© provides a platform for Self-Reflection and Taking Action in 5 Areas of Effectiveness© for business success. Helping to track and measure performance and assisting in the vital task of getting things done.

“Deshun’s contribution as our inspirational speaker at the gala dinner of the conference was key to the atmosphere of the event. She presented exactly within the discussed frame and linked her own story to the topics of the day and the contents shared among the participants. Being simply a great speaker, she made it exciting to listen even after a full conference day of talking and listening. With facts, heart and her personal, amazing story – our audience was fascinated. Goosebumps included. We received the feedback from participants that it was a great honor for them to meet and connect with Deshun on top of that. Thank you for being part of this first Family Business Conference of ours.   – Catharina Prym PWC Family Business Conference

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