An international specialist in applied cognition for leaders


Dr Morne Mostert is an international advisor on strategic foresight and executive decision-making, having had assignments in Geneva, Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Melbourne, Baku, Tokyo and several other economic hubs across Africa and the Middle East.

He was appointed by President Cyril Ramaphosa as Commissioner on the National Planning Commission, where he serves as advisor on Economic futures, Internationalisation and Climate Change. He is a member of the renowned international think tank on Climate Change, the Club of Rome.

His award-winning thought leadership has been published internationally and he is a regular contributor to the business media on longer-term policy and strategy. He is the author of the influential book Systemic Leadership Learning – Leadership Development in the Era of Complexity, in which he proposes an innovative methodology, based on Systems Thinking, for the development of future leaders in a world characterized by near-chaotic change.

Previously, Mostert was a member of the ILO international panel of experts on the future of work, was Director of the Institute for Futures Research and served on the board of the Bureau for Economic Research.

With a PhD in Technology and Innovation, Mostert is also the inventor of the Mindset Index, a world-first in the scientific assessment of strategic mindsets.

He served as orchestrator for Duke Corporate Education (including for clients such as the SA Reserve Bank), using his specialisation in Systems and Strategic Thinking to ensure integration and optimisation of the learning experience for senior leaders.

His executive education specialisation focuses on:

  • Strategic foresight and futures thinking
  • Systems Thinking
  • Strategy & strategic thinking
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Mindset development
  • And a suite of other thinking and decision-related areas.

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