Inspiring Philanthropist and Visionary Speaker


Passionate about Philanthropy, Financial Inclusion, Digital Innovation, and Healthcare

 Thandu is a dynamic executive, accomplished medical doctor, and multifaceted expert whose entrepreneurial passion and futurist outlook have made him a sought-after figure in the world of public speaking and mentorship. With a profound commitment to African youth empowerment and a rich tapestry of experience across various domains, Dr. Tshume is a catalyst for change, a thought leader, and an advocate for positive transformation.

Professional Journey:

Dr. Tshume’s journey began in the realm of healthcare, where he served as a dedicated medical doctor with a keen interest in surgical and preventive medicine within the Department of Health, Gauteng. This early experience instilled in him a profound understanding of the critical role healthcare plays in society.

His journey continued as he assumed the role of Head of Wellness for Momentum Multiply, demonstrating his capacity to lead and innovate in the financial services sector. This position allowed him to combine his medical expertise with financial acumen to promote holistic well- being.

Dr. Tshume’s relentless pursuit of excellence propelled him further, leading to his appointment as an Executive Board Member of The Priory of St. Johns South Africa. Here, he embraced the responsibilities of leadership, further enhancing his reputation as a forward- thinking executive.

Recognised as a visionary in the financial industry, Dr. Tshume took on the role of Head of Generational Wealth at Standard Bank Wealth, where he tirelessly worked to develop and preserve wealth for future generations. His dedication to financial inclusion and innovation was further evident in his role as Head of Next-Generation Client Value Proposition at Standard Bank Wealth and Investment.

Current Endeavours:

Today, Dr. Thandu Tshume stands as the Founder and Chief Executive of U Care Africa, a leading organisation at the forefront of global healthcare initiatives and humanitarian efforts.

Under his guidance, U Care Africa will become a beacon of hope, championing causes that matter most to the African continent and beyond.

Speaker and Mentor:

Dr. Tshume’s multifaceted expertise, coupled with his passion for change, make him an exceptional public speaker. He shares his insights on topics ranging from philanthropy, financial inclusion, and digital innovation to healthcare and African youth empowerment. Dr. Tshume’s presentations are a source of inspiration, fostering a sense of purpose and empowerment among his audiences.

As a mentor, he guides the next generation of leaders, imparting wisdom and instilling a sense of responsibility toward societal betterment.

Dr. Thandu Tshume is a luminary whose career exemplifies the intersection of healthcare, finance, philanthropy, and innovation. His visionary leadership, commitment to empowerment, and dedication to positive change make him a compelling and impactful speaker, leaving an indelible mark wherever he goes.

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