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Etienne is an accomplished neurologist with a special interest in psychoneuroimmunology and systems biology. Etienne’s 14-year career as a clinical neurologist means he has a deep understanding of the anatomy, biology, and physiology of the brain and the human nervous system. For another decade, Etienne has been spearheading Neurozone®, a neuroscience business dedicated to the application of brain science and analytics to enhance true resilience and high-performance capacity.

For leaders of organizations and senior teams, Etienne uses the knowledge of systems biology and neuroscience to model cutting edge:

  • Leadership thinking
  • Resilient and high performance
    mindset shifts

Etienne leads a highly skilled and innovative organization to uncover the High-Performance Code for individuals, teams and organizations. Blending neurology, neuroscience, psychology and analytics, Neurozone® provides scientifically credible and practically valuable solutions for:

  • Corporate Leaders
  • Professionals
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Teams Organizations
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