There are monsters in the world. They walk around and not only in the movies and storybooks. Just look at the werewolves around you at the office. They seem just like ordinary, exceptionally calm, and gentle people, don’t they? Just wait for them to be triggered, by a full moon, or a slow internet connection, and watch them fly into an uncontrollable rage and go straight for the throat, or the modem. Zombies are walking around our offices too, no matter how much brains they eat, how many workshops and conferences they go to- they remain dead. I don’t even want to mention vampires, bloodsucking immortals that drain the life out of you. 

Perhaps you know a few? 

For every monster there is a hero, for every Joker a Batman, for every Sauron a Frodo. Monsters are real, kids know this, they don’t need to be told that. Kids need to be told that monsters can be defeated. 

We have a plethora of monsters. They come in all shapes and sizes, unemployment, ecological disasters, financial crashes, but we seem to have less, and less heroes, founders and entrepreneurs willing to answer the call and fight the good fight. I suspect our heroes are perhaps still home on the couch or playing games in their rooms. 

Along with the monsters there are also treasures in the world (often the treasures are guarded by monsters, but that is another story). There are adventures to be had, kingdoms to conquer, and treasure to be won. There are things to be invented, companies to build, and markets to be uncovered, but sadly we have few adventurers and even fewer true heroes. 

Seeing this is worldwide entrepreneurship month, let this piece be a call, a wake-up call, to all those that have drank way too much from the river Lethe. In ancient myth it was the river Lethe that served as passage way to the underworld, and whoever drank from it would forget life. James Hollis, the author and Jungian analyst, points out how interesting it is that the name Lethe is so similar to the word lethargy. We have cushioned ourselves in entertainment, dulling the muses of inspiration with no shortage of Jesters to keep us a-mused. 

Each of us must answer the call to go on the greatest adventure of all, life. She must answer the call to defeat the monsters, to rage against all that is wrong in the world. He must answer the call to build businesses that do good, that make great things, and that blow minds. The call is there for every child to leave the safety of their parent’s home, to go out into the world, and to make their mark. 

Yet, we do not. We are far too comfortable remaining children forever. If you just look around you, how many people do you see, do you know, that are just children playing dress up? Too many are plugging their ears to the call to become who they were meant to be. They refuse to enter the largeness of life, it’s just too risky, or so they say. 

This is a plea, for you not to disregard the pull of adventure. To not let the small you, that critical inner voice my friend David calls him the Jerk, convince you that you can’t, that it is too dangerous, that it is much safer behind your mother’s skirt, much better that your big strong dad does the work. 

You are needed, the Big You. The only one that can conquer and defeat the monster. The one that will save the world. Build the kingdom. Break new ground, yes, you, the one that is reading faster and faster. 

Please answer, we need you. 

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