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A great  deal  of  time  and  money  is  spent  on  galvanising  companies  to survive  harsh  economic  conditions,  but  much  less  so  on  helping  individuals  remain  efficient  and  successful  under  huge  stress  and  pressure,  and  that’s  where  Gary  Bailey  comes  in.

Key focus areas include: Thriving under pressure, attitude reframing and gratitude, emotional intelligence, adapting in order to innovate and problem solve, teamwork

Gary Bailey’s story is about dealing with immense and constant pressure. He is a former soccer star for Manchester United (biggest sports club in the world) and Kaizer Chiefs. Using his experience gained as Manchester United goalkeeper and from working with Sir Alex Ferguson, Gary has become a master at helping companies succeed under pressure.

“There is no doubt in my mind that if you regularly practice Gary’s simple principles of GREAT, you will be more successful than you are today. I know it, and I urge you to try it.” Doug Jackson, CEO, Coca-Cola Africa.


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