International Cricketer and Coach, Sports Entrepreneur

 Keynote | Sports 

As a sought after keynote speaker Gary Kirsten is able to connect to all levels of the business and sporting spectrum. His attention to detail and structured approach makes him an effective communicator. His articulate and eloquent manner combined with a presence endears him to all.Known for his straightforward approach, Gary Kirsten has the knack of simplifying often complicated issues, whilst his passion for excellence and accountability is infectious.

His greatest achievement with the bat will always be the record-equalling score of 275 against England, an innings that lasted over 14 hours and 30 minutes and epitomised his complete self-discipline. In playing 101 Tests and 185 ODI’s Gary Kirsten gained an insight to a world understood by very few. By his own admission his ability and technique needed to be complimented with a temperament that demanded absolute dedication to continual self improvement and reflection. This period moulded his outlook on the game and began a process that will forever be known as his finest hour, that being the coach of Team India that won the 2011 World Cup.

As a coach and mentor to some of the greatest players in the history of cricket, Gary Kirsten needed to understand the dynamics that would see them perform consistently over a period of time and when it mattered most. Creating a winning culture and self-belief in the Indian team was a process.

The experience and insight gained throughout his tenure as Coach of India includes far more than cricket itself. It is his skill for getting the best out of his players whilst maintaining their respect both on and off the field that has made him an inspirational leader. Under his guidance the Indian cricket team united a nation and achieved a dream that will never be forgotten.

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