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Gilan believes that everyone has ideas, products or services that deserve attention. “I want to empower people with the ability to get the buy-in, agreement or support they need from others, so they can reach their highest success”, says Gilan. As a Mentalist with over two decades of experience, Gilan creates unique learning experiences that help people unleash their influence. He teaches how to apply a working knowledge of influence and persuasion to real-life practical situations, to be able to lead, sell, negotiate, market and inspire on a new level.

Gilan is also the author of the best-selling book ‘Persuasion Games’. As part of his distinctive presentation style, Gilan interactively demonstrates a remarkable ability to decode people’s thoughts and to influence them. He demonstrates how through psychology, non-verbal communication and presentation, you can increase your ability to positively and ethically increase your influence ability.

“I feel like I’m walking on cloud 9 with loads of raving reviews, compliments and sheer appreciation. Everyone from across the spectrum were completely drawn in to your presentation, leaving with key takeaways that are tangible and practical, with skills that can be applied in both their professional and personal lives. I cannot thank you enough for the professionalism and intellect on this topic. I wish you continued success across the globe!” Angelique Reeby, Standard Bank.


  • The 6 Universal Principles of Influence
  • The Business of Body Language
  • Implanting Influence – Five conversational techniques to increase the influence of your ideas
  • Breakthrough Influence in HOT Conversations
  • The Mentalist Experience


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