Business Success in Turbulent Times

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Graeme’s passion and expertise is in making the Future World of Work a remarkable place. He helps organisations and audiences identify and understand the disruptive forces that are shaping our world, provides the strategic insights for dealing with disruptive change, and shows teams how to respond and prepare their leaders and people to succeed in these fast-changing, turbulent times.

Graeme firmly believes that the old models of work – the old approaches to leadership, teams and systems – simply do not get the best out of people. Presenting and engaging with over 100 000 people in more than 20 countries each year, he inspires and informs leaders so they can confidently guide their organisations into an uncertain future.

“Graeme is just a dream to work with. He fuses creativity, client-focus and insight into the disruptive trends transforming business. He’s also a powerfully-engaging and entertaining speaker. If you get a chance, hire Graeme. Your programme participants will thank you for it.” Greg Orme, Programme director, London Business School.


  • Tomorrow’s World Today
  • The Future of Work
  • Innovation for Real
  • Leading in a Changing World


  • Thinking Like a Futurist − New thinking for a new world
  • Tides of Change – The drivers of disruptive change in the world right now
  • S.M.A.R.T. – Dealing with SMART people in SMART ways in the changing world
  • Leading Difference Differently – Unblocking the organisational benefits of Diversity

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